How Jimmy Dean’s Good Breakfast Saved My Life

Jimmy Dean

Even though I’m a big fan of a good breakfast, I’m just not a morning person. Not by a long shot. Never have been, never will.

Unfortunately for me, work starts at 9 am. And despite some great negotiating skills, I still can’t convince my boss that work should start at 11 am. So I continue to be a Night Owl and go to bed at midnight or later. Only to get up some five or six hours later and start my day.

Let’s just say Morning Andrew hates Late Night Andrew. Though like I said, Morning Andrew at least gets to chow down on a good breakfast every now and again.

They do say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And I’m a firm believer that if you start your day off right, the rest of your day should fall into place.

Unfortunately, the opposite also rings true. And up until I met the magical meals of Jimmy Dean, I was living my life in the dark. Let me walk you through a typical day pre- and post-Jimmy Dean breakfast.

Day 1 – In the Dark

Jimmy Dean

Alarm clocks. If I had a nickel for everyone I smashed against the floor, why, I probably wouldn’t need to work anymore at all.

Jimmy Dean

Like I said, I’m not a morning person. But I know making a good breakfast can make for a good day. So despite the sleep in my eyes and the cobwebs in my head, I force myself to pull out the frying pan and whip up an omelette.

Jimmy Dean

Except it usually ends in fire. And nobody but nobody likes burnt eggs.

Jimmy Dean

Except for the trash can.

Jimmy Dean

At least there’s toast, right? Uh, right?

Yeah, so I burned the eggs. Crisped the toast. Oh, and I did mention we had no milk left for coffee? I can’t drink it black. I just can’t.

So I take a quick shower, hop in the car, and head to the local bagel joint… where of course there’s a line. And I spend a fortune. And I spill half the boiling coffee all over my pants while driving. And almost get into an accident. And yet somehow miraculously make it to work only 25 minutes late…

… and that’s just the start of another terrible, horrible, no good, you-get-the-idea kind of day. My boss chews me out. I lose three clients. And my laptop sets off a virus with my name on it throughout the entire company. Oh, and at some point, I stepped in gum.

Sadly, this was a pretty typical day for me. Until I met Jimmy Dean that is…

Day 2 – Let There Be Light

Even after 25 years, my wife continues to surprise me. Knowing how painful mornings are for me, she visited our local Stop & Shop supermarket and picked up a pair of life-changing frozen breakfast meals for me.

Jimmy Dean

Who knew that the mere contents of a freezer could change the very fabric of my reality?

Jimmy Dean

I’m a big fan of sausage and you can never go wrong with a biscuit. So Jimmy Dean Sausage Biscuits sure sound like a winning combination.

Jimmy Dean

To be honest with you, I have never ever tried a breakfast bowl before. They always looked good but I’m a creature of habit and usually just end up with some sort of bacon, sausage and/or egg sandwich. So I was certainly intrigued to give the Jimmy Dean Bacon Breakfast Bowl a shot!

But first… the Sausage Biscuit awaits.

Jimmy Dean

I swear it was cloudy out when I woke up. But the second I sat down with my adorably delicious Jimmy Dean Snack-Size Sausage Biscuits, the sunshine started pouring through the kitchen window.

We also had plenty of milk. And yes, my wife even made sure my favoritest mug in the world was clean and ready to be caffeinated!

Jimmy Dean Jimmy Dean

Call me cheesy but my first reaction was to say, “OMG, these are Jimmy Deeeeeeeeeenlicious!” I think I’m in love. And yes, I know I’m married, but seriously, these sausage biscuits are insanely tasty.

And they’re snack sized, so you can take a few bites to eat one and then eat another!

Jimmy Dean

As for the Jimmy Dean Bacon Breakfast Bowl, I just have one thing to say to it: “Where have you been all my life?!?” I didn’t know what to expect but the eggs were great, bacon amazing and surprisingly, the best part were the potatoes! Somehow everything mixed together for a savory and totally filling breakfast.

Stuffed with a good breakfast, I headed off to work with a smile and a real twinkle in my eye.

Jimmy Dean

So how did the rest of my day go? Let’s just say there was no traffic, I got to work early, closed three accounts and the boss was so impressed with my positive attitude, he promoted me right there on the spot. Oh, and I won a new HDTV in an office raffle.

Can I point my newfound success directly at Jimmy Dean and their delectably good breakfast meals? Well, I can’t say for certain, but what I will tell you is that Late Night Andrew can’t wait to get to sleep so Morning Andrew can try some more Jimmy Dean breakfasts tomorrow!

See for yourself how good mornings lead to great days when you start them off with Jimmy Dean.  Right now at Stop & Shop, when you buy 3 participating Jimmy Dean products, you get $5 off through 8/11.  While supplies last.

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  1. I actually really like these biscuits. Mind you I am not a sausage fan, so when we have them, hubby has a double sausage and I have biscuits. The sausage is good though and we also have it in the tubes. I think you made me hungry.


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