6 Favorite Fall Activities Jeopardized By a Stupid Stuffy Nose


Fall is probably my favorite time of year. Growing up in the Hudson Valley, we get some of the most beautiful colors around when the leaves start changing. It’s also usually a lot cooler in the summer so I can finally enjoy the great outdoors without fear of sweating like crazy.

Unfortunately, being outside anytime of year can be not so fun for me when I have a stuffy head. Whether it’s a cold or my all-too-familiar allergies, my nose gets super stuffed and on really bad days, it feels like there’s a bowling ball in my head and I can barely keep my eyes open. I just want to curl up on the couch and pass out.

It really stinks too because there are so many fun activities in the fall that I love doing. Like what, you ask?

Apple Picking


We have a number of nearby orchards we love going with the kids or a short 30-40 minute drive north brings us to all sorts of fun towns full of apple picking of all kinds. Honeycrisp are our favorites to pick but it’s real tough grabbing these while they’re in season.


Raking Leaves


Sure, it’s a major chore when you have a big lawn and loads of trees but it’s also a fun family bonding session. I used to love raking our backyard as a kid because we’d put the leaves in a big garbage can and my dad would scoop me up and put me in the can so that I could stomp them down.


Playing Football


Okay, my kids aren’t super sports kids at all, but even tossing around the old pigskin (or Nerf-skin) in the backyard is a blast. When we have family over, we can get a good game of 3 on 3 going.


Outdoor Dining


Yes I grill throughout the summer, but like I said, it’s super hot to begin with. As temperatures cool down, it’s so much nicer to toss some steaks or shish kebobs on the grill and even enjoy a nice family dinner outside.


Frisbee Fun


Ultimate Frisbee is way too energized for a cardio-challenged person like me. But I do love having a frisbee catch when I can!




I’ve mentioned before how much Allie and I love hiking in the woods, and yet our kids seem to be allergic to the Great Outdoors. It’s certainly much easier to do in the fall when the heat and humidity have dropped. We have some gorgeous trails nearby that range from super flat to some seriously exhausting climbs.

I’m not a big fan of the beach and even the pool. Yes, they’re both refreshing on a real hot day, but I still prefer the cooler, less-humid nature of fall days. It’s so much easier to enjoy outdoor activities. But it really doesn’t matter what I’m doing if my head feels like it’s about to implode.

Some people get seasonal allergies and deal with them as they can. I get seasonal allergies for sure, except they seem to hit me every single season! When it’s really bad, it’s just unbearable. And it’s sadly gotten worse as I’ve gotten older.

Nowadays, my eyes can get watery and itchy. At least one nostril is always completely clogged up. My head starts pounding like there’s a jackhammer in it. And when it all hits at once, my head just gets so incredibly heavy, all I can do is lay down and close my eyes. I swear I feel like nature is drugging me into a slumber.


As a Vicks Ambassador, though, I was more than happy to sign up for a new #ClearYourHead campaign they’re running as part of a new product line called Vicks Sinex. The Sinex family of products includes four 12-hour nasal sprays and a number of 4-hour Liqui-Caps. For someone who’s been dealing with congestion their whole life, I welcome any and all of these Sinex products into my home!

Vicks Sinex was designed to help relieve sinus and nasal congestion that usually accompanies colds, hay fever or other upper respiratory allergies. The Vicks Sinex Ultra Fine Mist products work to relieve your sinus pressure and shrink swollen nasal membranes.

The Vicks Sinex Liqui-Caps come in both daytime and nighttime formulas so you can take them to help get through another sure-to-be-tough workday.

The entire Sinex line includes:

  • Severe Ultra Fine Mist
  • Moisturizing Ultra Fine Mist
  • Scent Fre Ultra Fine Mist
  • Severe Nasal Spray (squeeze bottle)
  • Daytime Liqui-Caps
  • Nighttime Liqui-Caps

I for one will be trying out all of these new Vicks Sinex products because I don’t want to spend another fall season sleeping on the couch. After all, there are tons of apples that need picking!

How does your head feel when you’re congested?

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  1. I’ve never tried apple picking despite living in the land of apples. There are great hiking spots around here though, and football season is always the best.

  2. I myself us the Sinex.That’s the only spray that helps when I have sinus problems.The pressure is intends. Love the sinex.


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