Sinus Pressure Won’t Stop Me From Enjoying Sunday Afternoon Football

#ClearYourHead Sinus Congestion

Mother Nature hates me. There’s just no other explanation I can think of. It’s mid-November and one day it’s so warm that I can comfortably wear a T-shirt outside. The next day? Yeah we have snow on the ground. This massive shift in temperature just wreaks havoc with my sinuses and head congestion. While I do suffer from year-round allergies, they get the worst in the spring and late summer. I love the outdoors, but …

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6 Favorite Fall Activities Jeopardized By a Stupid Stuffy Nose

#ClearYourHead Sinex

Fall is probably my favorite time of year. Growing up in the Hudson Valley, we get some of the most beautiful colors around when the leaves start changing. It’s also usually a lot cooler in the summer so I can finally enjoy the great outdoors without fear of sweating like crazy. Unfortunately, being outside anytime of year can be not so fun for me when I have a stuffy head. Whether it’s a cold or …

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