Sinus Pressure Won’t Stop Me From Enjoying Sunday Afternoon Football


Mother Nature hates me. There’s just no other explanation I can think of. It’s mid-November and one day it’s so warm that I can comfortably wear a T-shirt outside. The next day? Yeah we have snow on the ground. This massive shift in temperature just wreaks havoc with my sinuses and head congestion.

While I do suffer from year-round allergies, they get the worst in the spring and late summer. I love the outdoors, but after a good hike or even walk around the lake, that may mean the end of the day for me. The headaches start, the sinus pressure builds and my eyelids feel like they weigh a few hundred pounds each.

#ClearYourHead Sinus Congestion

This year, it’s really bad because we’re halfway through another great NFL season and my sinuses are still knocking me for a loop. What kind of Steelers fan can I be when I’m passed out on the couch while my team scores the winning touchdown? Trust me, it’s incredibly tough to root for your team when you can barely keep your eyes open and every sound above a whisper feels like a roar.

I usually deal with this problem during baseball season. Thankfully, the Yankees play 162 games a year, so if I pass out for even half of them, I still can enjoy a good amount. The Steelers, however, play only 16 games before the playoffs, so I only have a handful left.

#ClearYourHead Sinus Congestion

It’s not just me enjoying the game that matters, though. If I’m not waving my terrible towel fast enough, I fear they might just fumble or throw an interception. Call it superstitious if you want, but it works. If I’m up and invested in the team, they’ll win. So yes, I’m blaming Mother Nature not just for my sinus pressure, but for every Steelers loss!

Thankfully, I’ve got some fabulous teammates! Mainly Vicks Sinex. Yeah, these powerful little guys are the perfect way to #ClearYourHead so you can really enjoy every snap on the grid iron.

#ClearYourHead Sinex

Sinex provides 12 hours of relief from nasal stuffiness that generally comes along with colds, hay fever or other upper respiratory allergies.  The Sinex line of products (from daytime and nighttime LiquiCaps to mists) alleviates sinus pressure and shrinks swollen nasal membranes so you can breathe a lot more freely.

With just two LiquiCaps every 10 to 12 hours, I can stop trying to block out the entire universe and actually start focusing on every little thing that matters: namely winning the AFC North!

Speaking of winning, Vicks Sinex would love to hear from you guys, so I’ll be giving away Free Vicks Sinex products to 3 of my awesome readers! Just leave a comment on this Facebook post to enter! If you’ve already used Vicks Sinex, why not share your thoughts by writing a review too?

How does sinus pressure stop you from enjoying your favorite activities?



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7 thoughts on “Sinus Pressure Won’t Stop Me From Enjoying Sunday Afternoon Football”

  1. We really like Vicks products. I liike how they work and they arent full of too many chemicals. We just got rid of having colds with sinus stuff and it was pain!

  2. Ugh! I cannot do much of anything with sinus pressure but I know that staying away from certain foods helps me…but sometimes it just happens anyhow and you need something to help!


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