Keep Tabs on Your Favorite NFL Players with DICK’S Sporting Goods Jersey Report

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I love watching football. It’s probably why I love Fantasy Football so much. It makes every game super interesting. I used to joke with my co-workers that we should start a Fantasy League for Fantasy Football players, where we get to pick other co-workers based on how well we think they’d do. So when I heard about DICK’S Sporting Goods Jersey Report, it sounded like an offbeat idea that I’d probably love.

And I do.

As its name suggests, DICK’S Jersey Report is a pretty robust tool that offers an official ranking of best-selling player jerseys nationwide at DICK’S Sporting Goods. Yeah, in a way, you could say it’s kind of like a Fantasy Football League for NFL Team Jerseys!

DICK'S Jersey Report

I love how you can sort by a number of filters including: Top 10, Offense, Defense, Rookies and even Teams! You can also filter by timeframe such as This Week, 30 Days or this Season. Or if you’re just curious about a specific player, use the handy dandy search box.

I own only two NFL jerseys, both belonging to my beloved Pittsburgh Steelers: Ben Roethlisberger (#7) and a special Super Bowl XL jersey for Jerome “The Bus” Bettis (#36). I did a quick search for Big Ben and instantly got some pretty neat results!

DICK'S Jersey Report

For the season, Ben’s ranked 42nd overall. Not great, but not horrible. He dips a bit for the past 30 days, but I imagine as the Steelers keep winning (fingers crossed), his rank will hopefully climb a bit. So what about the two other explosive players on the Steelers offense this year? Running Back Le’Veon Bell is currently ranked 24th on the season and Fantasy Dream Player, Wide Receiver Antonio Brown takes the 6th spot on the season rankings!

I make it a rule to buy a new Steelers jersey every time they win a Super Bowl. (Good thing I didn’t have this rule in the ’70s, or I’d be super poor!). If they go all the way this year, I’m going to have to decide between Brown and Bell. Maybe I’ll go with the higher ranking jersey!

I also like looking at the Team rankings for fun. Everyone takes pride in their team, right? Well, on the season, the Steelers are currently ranked 6th overall in terms of Jersey sales. Woo! But that’s actually not what impresses me the most on this list. Uh uh.

DICK'S Jersey Report

Yep, the sad winless Cleveland Browns rank 16th on the Season list of Jerseys. That’s honestly impressive that they make the cut for the top half of popular NFL Jerseys.

It’s really neat to keep tabs on how well your favorite players and teams are doing off the gridiron with this uniquely robust chart. It’s also a fantastic source of information when picking out the perfect holiday gift this year. (FYI: I prefer an XL in my NFL Jerseys. Just sayin’.)

So no matter what team you root for, no matter who your favorite players are, you can watch them climb up (or sadly, down) on a regular basis thanks to the DICK’S Sporting Goods Jersey Report.

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2 thoughts on “Keep Tabs on Your Favorite NFL Players with DICK’S Sporting Goods Jersey Report”

  1. Thats interesting. We are a football family. I would think Rayne Dakota “Dak” Prescott would be climbing. I am a Cowboys fan and have been quite pleased with how he is playing. I also like Elliot, he has shades of Emmitt Smith another great player.
    Hubby is a Green Bay fan, a die hard. I love it when ‘our’ teams play ha!

  2. My husband is a Steelers fan too! Which is ironic because he was born in Chicago and grew up in Wisconsin. So the Steelers/Packers Superbowl was fun in our house because the rest of the family are Packer fans. I’m going to tell him about checking out this site.


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