6 Favorite Fall Activities Jeopardized By a Stupid Stuffy Nose

#ClearYourHead Sinex

Fall is probably my favorite time of year. Growing up in the Hudson Valley, we get some of the most beautiful colors around when the leaves start changing. It’s also usually a lot cooler in the summer so I can finally enjoy the great outdoors without fear of sweating like crazy. Unfortunately, being outside anytime of year can be not so fun for me when I have a stuffy head. Whether it’s a cold or …

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A 12-Year-Old’s Perspective on Living With Food Allergies

When Jason was just 13 months, Allie and I discovered that he was allergic to peanuts, tree nuts and seeds. It’s been a long (and at times frightening) journey, but our little guy’s certainly come a long way. Now that he’s 12, Jason always carries an EpiPen around and has learned to speak up at restaurants and with his teachers about his severe food allergies. If you know him, you know that speaking up is sometimes pretty hard for him. I asked …

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Nut-Free and Delicious? Win Allergy-Aware Cookies in our Skeeter Snacks Giveaway!

My oldest son Jason has severe food allergies to nuts and seeds. That doesn’t just mean, “Look out for peanuts!” It means reading ingredients on everything under the sun. Every single time. No mustard. No sesame seeds. No M&Ms. It’s something he’s lived with for almost his entire life so far (all 9 years of it). When he was younger, he LOVED the separate crazy cupcakes my wife would make for him to take to …

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