Nut-Free and Delicious? Win Allergy-Aware Cookies in our Skeeter Snacks Giveaway!

My oldest son Jason has severe food allergies to nuts and seeds. That doesn’t just mean, “Look out for peanuts!” It means reading ingredients on everything under the sun. Every single time. No mustard. No sesame seeds. No M&Ms.

It’s something he’s lived with for almost his entire life so far (all 9 years of it). When he was younger, he LOVED the separate crazy cupcakes my wife would make for him to take to birthday parties instead of the birthday cake. As he’s gotten older, though, he’s more aware of his allergies and how he can’t participate in many food-related things the way all the other kids do.

And let’s face it, in our society, EVERYTHING revolves around food. Especially when it’s kids. It’s always cupcakes or cookies, many of which can have nuts or at the very least, they’re made in a factory that “may” contain nuts or seeds. That’s enough of a red flag to avoid.

So I feel bad that we can never just go grab some cookies like everyone else for Jason at an event. If we check and it’s safe, sure he can join in. But more than half the time, that’s not the case. We’ve tried a number of nut-free bakery goods before but to be honest, they all taste pretty much like paste. And unless you happen to be a 3rd Grade kid named Eugene who sits in the back of the classroom, nobody but nobody likes paste.

Skeeter Snacks no-nuts

And then we discovered Skeeter Snacks. This new company claims that it makes great-tasting cookies without nuts. Founded by two dads who have kids with allergies, the Skeeter Snacks company takes its no-nuts policy seriously!

What sets Skeeter Snacks apart in the marketplace is our focus. We make great tasting snacks which contain no peanuts or tree nuts and we make them in facilities that do not process any products containing peanuts or tree nuts. How complete is this commitment? Our facilities don’t even have nut products in the vending machines in the employee lounges! Whenever you see Skeeter, the squirrel who is allergic to nuts, holding his placard, you know that the product inside is delicious and nut-safe.

Okay, so I had to sample these, being more than just a tad bit skeptical. And yeah, they’re pretty darn good! They actually taste like the Linden’s cookies I used to get at the school cafeteria when I was a kid. The real test though, would be up to Jason. Would he like them?

Let’s just ask him and see:


Yeah, Jason LOVED Skeeter Snacks’ Chocolate Chunk cookies. He tried the other flavors too (Chocolate3, Golden Oatmeal, and Skeeter Doodle) but didn’t really take to those. To be fair, he doesn’t like all-chocolate cookies nor oatmeal cookies. I took a bite myself and they were really good! They seriously tasted just like any other chocolate or oatmeal cookie you could find on a supermarket shelf. Better than most even! The cookies themselves are more on the hard side than soft. Think regular Chips Ahoy. They definitely passed the taste test and the no-nuts allergy test!

If your son or daughter has nut-allergies (or even you!), I highly recommend checking out Skeeter Snacks. And if you live in the Northeastern part of the country and happen to have a Costco store by you, look for them in bulk!

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Win a Skeeter Snacks No-Nuts Cookie Prize Pack!

3 Lucky Winners will each get a prize pack of Skeeter Snacks No-Nuts Cookies. Each pack includes a 2-pack cookie of all four varieties:  Chocolate Chunk, Chocolate3, Golden Oatmeal, and Skeeter Doodle!

Nut-Free cookies


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  1. My normal favorite cookie type is sugar cookies, but from these I think the Chocolate Chunk would be the best 🙂

  2. I haven’t met a cookie I don’t like yet lol..But my fave is oatmeal raisin(chewy & soft-yum)

    Great review! Thanks for the chance to win! I like the name of them: ‘skeeter’ haha

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