5 Kids DVDs Collection Giveaway

As a blogger, I’m constantly getting sent products to review. Top of the list? Kids DVDs. When my kids were younger, this was great. We’d watch loads of cartoons together and then I’d write up a nice review with them. But now that my boys are older, and I’m finding less and less free time for myself, lots of these kid movies and TV shows end up sitting in the corner. Alone. Unwatched. Unloved. And …

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Tobi Robot Smartwatch Giveaway

Tobi Giveaway

The following post contains affiliate links. I had a digital calculator watch when I was in high school. That was the smartest watch I owned. These days, however, kids can get their very own Robot Smartwatch with Little Tikes’ Tobi! Made for children 4 years old and up, the new Tobi Robot Smartwatch comes jam-packed with all the features of a regular smartwatch mixed with a playful robot with loads of personality. Tobi virtually comes …

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Ice Just Got Cool – Plus a Tovolo Ice Molds Giveaway ($85 value)

ice molds

The following is a sponsored post about Tovolo’s Craft Ice Molds. Let me start by saying I’m not a heavy drinker. I certainly enjoy an ice-cold beer while watching the Steelers play on a Sunday afternoon. But when it comes to cocktails, I used to only go for the basics like a screwdriver or whiskey sour. Then I met my friend Rob. We worked together and he was a huge scotch drinker. I tried it …

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MakeItCount™ at the Gas Pump + $50 Marathon Gift Card Giveaway

Marathon Gas Station MakeItWork

This rewarding post was brought to you by Marathon as part of an online campaign. While I was compensated for writing it, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own. I’ve always been a huge fan of reward programs. When I was little, I remember cutting out the little proof of purchase symbols on the packaging of my Star Wars action figures. Once I collected enough, I could mail them in and …

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SCOOB! Blu-ray Combo Pack Giveaway


Zoinks! Yes, like many impressionable young children, I grew up watching Scooby-Doo on TV. And besides learning the advantages of working as a team and the benefits of persistence in solving mysteries, I learned the true value of friendship. Shaggy and Scooby-Doo were inseparable pals. They may have been a bunch of bumbling scaredy cats, but they also supported each other no matter what. And they also ate. A lot. I always wonder what a …

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