Mario & Sonic at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games Giveaway

There’s been a lot of talk about Rio these days. Lots of controversy with Olympians bowing out of attending the 2016 Olympic Games for a variety of reasons. Who knows what will end up happening and who will be taking home the gold? Whatever the case, I know my family will be glued to the TV watching some of the world’s greatest athletes compete! And there are two names we’re already chanting in our house …

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Win a Super Mario Chess Set (Ends 12/30)

Super Mario Chess Yoshi Piranha Plant

I’ve always loved playing chess. My dad taught me at a young age and I loved playing with him regularly using an old, beat-up plastic chess set. We even had a family friend Larry out in Long Island who’d play with me every time we visited. There’s just something about the game, you know? Maybe it’s the planning six moves ahead part that I really like. I actually remember going with my dad to Manhattan …

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Win a Copy of Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures for the Wii U (Ends 11/12)

Pac-Man Box Art Wii U

This weekend I had a fever. Pac-Man Fever, that is! (Cue the ’80s soundtrack, boys!) That’s right, Pac is Back! Tying in to the new pac-Man cartoon on Disney XD comes Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures from Bandai Namco. And to celebrate, Nintendo World in Rockefeller Center had a spectacular Pac-Man Kick-Off Party this weekend! Ryan and Allie were busy, but Jason was beside himself. Heck, the kid’s on cloud 9 anytime we just visit Nintendo …

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Win RISK: Plants vs. Zombies Collector’s Edition (Ends 11/5)

One of my favorite games as a kid was RISK. It’s a classic board game that beautifully mixes skill and luck with one goal in mind: World Domination! I played it a ton when I was younger, usually with my buddy Gary. He had two older brothers and a basement full (we’re talking floor to ceiling!) with board games. So he even had one of the original versions with wooden pieces! Allie and I recently …

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Win an Angry Birds Star Wars Telepods Endor Chase Game (Ends 10/23)

Star Wars and Angry Birds. Two great tastes that taste great together! Yeah, when the Angry Birds Star Wars app first came to a galaxy near, near home, I jumped all over it. And loved it to pieces. The merchandise, the characters, the game. It’s all fantastically awesome.  I even did a review of a few of Hasbro’s Angry Birds Star Wars games in the past. Tons of fun games these are! Well, now they’ve …

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