Win a Copy of Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures for the Wii U (Ends 11/12)

Pac-Man Box Art Wii U

This weekend I had a fever. Pac-Man Fever, that is! (Cue the ’80s soundtrack, boys!) That’s right, Pac is Back! Tying in to the new pac-Man cartoon on Disney XD comes Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures from Bandai Namco. And to celebrate, Nintendo World in Rockefeller Center had a spectacular Pac-Man Kick-Off Party this weekend! Ryan and Allie were busy, but Jason was beside himself. Heck, the kid’s on cloud 9 anytime we just visit Nintendo …

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I’ve Got Pac Man Sticker Fever and It’s Driving Me Crazy, Driving Me Crazy

Lately I’ve been pretty nostalgic for nostalgia. It’s become a bigger deal lately. We recently moved so we’ve been unpacking like mad the past few weeks. That means I’m finding way too much cool stuff that I forgot I had. One of which was an old report I had done in school about video games. It had some serious analysis in it based on a cool survey I had created and handed out to my …

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I’ve Got Pac-Man Fever!

I grew up on Pac-Man. Not that I was any good at it. But I loved gobbling up those little energy pellets almost as fast as the arcade machine gobbled up my quarters. Then I met my wife in college, who was not only a huge fan of Ms. Pac-Man, she was also the best player in the whole dorm! That and the fact that she didn’t run to the hills when she saw my …

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