I’ve Got Pac-Man Fever!

I grew up on Pac-Man. Not that I was any good at it. But I loved gobbling up those little energy pellets almost as fast as the arcade machine gobbled up my quarters.

Then I met my wife in college, who was not only a huge fan of Ms. Pac-Man, she was also the best player in the whole dorm! That and the fact that she didn’t run to the hills when she saw my comic book collection was all I needed to know that it was true love.

Anyways, this weekend we celebrated Jason’s 10th birthday and Allie made an awesometastic cake. Jason loves Mario and all things video games. She actually made him a Creeper cookie cake a few days earlier for a joint family party with his cousin Harry, so she wanted to do something different. So as a surprise (to him and to me too), she made a Pac-Man and Ghost cake!


Pac-Man eats the ghost, we eat Pac-Man. It’s the circle of life.

Pac-Man cake

Gotta love those LEGO candles!

Pac-Man Ghost

Notice the light blue ghost? That way it can be Clyde, Inky, Blinky or Pinky!

But this weekend, I also participated in a Cheetos Art Contest held by Life of Dad. I was sent a bag of Cheetos and charged with the task of creating a work of art with them. I gave it some serious thought. My bag contained orange Cheetos puffs, small green puffs, thin red crunchy Cheetos and large round Chex-like ones.

My initial thought was to try to make Garfield. He’s orange and has some recognizable features. But once I started, it didn’t go so well. Then I took most of the green ones and made a Yoda head. Not too bad until Allie told me to make the whole body, which turned into a disaster. She, on the other hand, made a cute Luigi hat but when she tried making his face, it was as bad as my Yoda body.

Then it hit me. What kind of people love Cheetos the most? Yeah, gamers. Who doesn’t own at least one game controller covered in orange powder? So what game should I make? Allie’s cake must’ve been in my mind because my initial thought was Pac-Man.

Allie worked on the ghost while I handled Pac-Man himself. It ended up pretty awful, so Allie took over Pac-Man for me while I added the dots and built out the maze. The end result was pretty good I think.




Three of my favorite things: My wife, Pac-Man and Cheetos!


My infamous Pac-Man impression.

You can view my entry here. If I’m selected as the best Cheetos artist, I’ll win a trip to the Dad 2.0 Summit, a blogging convention for daddy bloggers. (Or a seemingly legitimate excuse to hang out with some other dads and drink ourselves silly.)

Anyways, please comment and share my entry if you deem it worthy. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with a little bit more of some Pac-Man Fever.

7 thoughts on “I’ve Got Pac-Man Fever!”

  1. I remember when I caught it. I first had it bad. I bought the candy, breakfast cereal, board game, lollipops, coin pouch, Colorforms, coloring books, paint with water books, and who could forget the cartoon? One of the best Christmas episodes ever! Oh yeah, the video game was good too.

  2. Pac Man is awesome! Great cakes. And the Lego candles are really neat too. Good luck in the Cheeto Art contest- I think your entry is way cool!

  3. That cake is flippin’ amazing. You know, you could have put some giant cherries to make it more healthy. 🙂 You’ve got my vote for the cheetos. My kids are weird… they dislike cheese doodles, but love cheetos. Go figure.

  4. that is so cute,my son was such a big pac man fan back in the day,he is 38 now,so he would lvoe a cake like that too


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