I’ve Got Pac Man Sticker Fever and It’s Driving Me Crazy, Driving Me Crazy

Lately I’ve been pretty nostalgic for nostalgia.

It’s become a bigger deal lately. We recently moved so we’ve been unpacking like mad the past few weeks. That means I’m finding way too much cool stuff that I forgot I had. One of which was an old report I had done in school about video games.

It had some serious analysis in it based on a cool survey I had created and handed out to my friends asking what their favorite arcade games were at the time. Pac-Man and Donkey Kong were pretty much the leaders of a rather tight pack.

The coolest part of the report, though, was the cover. There were dozens of colorful Pac-Man stickers all over the place. Ah… Pac-Man stickers.

Anybody else remember these super cool things? I used to buy pacs, er, packs of them all the time at local convenient stores and delis. I can’t remember if they included a stick of gum like baseball cards used to, but almost everything back then did.

I did some digging around online and found a bunch of great sites  (Like Bubbledog.com) showing off these stickers and that just opened the floodgates big time.

Pac-Man sticker
Source: TheStrong.org


Pac-Man Stickers

Source: House of Awesome on Etsy



Source: ePromos.com

 And then there were these amazingly awesome special cards randomly inserted into some packs. It was a basic scratch-off game but you’d go around collecting dots, blue monsters and cherries, until you uncover 3 ghosts. Then the game’s over and you add up your points. This was THE coolest thing ever made… well, at the time, that is.

Pac-Man rub off card game

Source: Aeropause.com

Any one else remember collecting these bad boys?

3 thoughts on “I’ve Got Pac Man Sticker Fever and It’s Driving Me Crazy, Driving Me Crazy”

  1. I loved this game when I was younger… ok, I still love to play it. I do have Best of Namco games vol. 1 and 3. So on one I have pac man and on the other I have ms. pac man. Oh I got dig dug too and Donkey kong. Ok, I can go on and on. I love those games. Cool stickers… takes me back.

  2. I have a box of the Super Mario Brothers rub-off game packets. I had a few spare packs which I did open, and the scrack-off material dried up, so I assume the sealed packs are the same. But they’re much cooler unopened.


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