I Got the Moves Like Charlie Brown – Twister Dance Giveaway

Let me start by saying I stink at Twister. I’m bad. Terrible. Awful. In other words, I always lose. Probably has something to do with the fact that I’m the least flexible person I know. Still, I enjoy playing it and watching my friends and family contort their bodies into pretzel like shapes all for the glory of bragging rights. Recently, Hasbro asked me if I wanted to test out a new version of the …

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I Made Turkey Kielbasa Tacos! (Plus Hillshire Farm Giveaway!)

Like most intelligent humans, I’m a big fan of bacon. In fact, for breakfast every day I have a boring old bowl of oatmeal, along with four slices of bacon. Okay, fine. Turkey bacon. But that’s only because of some silly high cholesterol thing, and yeah I’m trying to eat healthy. Thing is, as much as I love bacon, when it comes to breakfast meats, I actually prefer sausage. And speaking of sausage (see how …

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Get Your Kids Off the Couch and Outside to Exercise – Zamzee Review & Giveaway

Exercise woods activity

You’d think with all the video games my kids play, that they’d each weigh 600 pounds by now. But if you ever watch Jason play the Wii, you’d see why he actually loses weight playing video games. He just never stops moving! But in general, my kids hate the outside. They’re just not into sports and other than drawing mazes on the driveway with chalk, they couldn’t care less about breathing in the fresh air. …

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Lego Batman 2 May Be the Coolest Video Game Ever

Lego Batman, Robin and Superman

“It’s Awesome!!!” That’s the initial review of Lego Batman 2: DC Superheroes from my 9-year-old son Jason. And I pretty much have to agree with him. The Lego video games in general are all-around incredible (the Star Wars ones actually make Episodes I-III not just tolerable, but downright entertaining). The first Lego Batman was fun, but Lego Batman 2 soars to new heights. Not only do you get to play as Batman and Robin, but …

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Marvel Superhero Bonkazonks Review & Giveaway

The fine folks at Hasbro must have a few spycams set up in my house. I’ve been trying for years (9 years to be exact) to get my two boys into comic books and superheroes. They showed some interest about two or three years ago but it faded quickly. Then they saw the recent Avengers movie and it’s like they were injected with Super-Soldier Serum! This weekend we watched the Captain America and Iron Man …

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