Get Your Kids Off the Couch and Outside to Exercise – Zamzee Review & Giveaway

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Our first walk with the Zamzee activity meters was in a local park.

You’d think with all the video games my kids play, that they’d each weigh 600 pounds by now. But if you ever watch Jason play the Wii, you’d see why he actually loses weight playing video games. He just never stops moving!

But in general, my kids hate the outside. They’re just not into sports and other than drawing mazes on the driveway with chalk, they couldn’t care less about breathing in the fresh air. That’s why I was super excited to try out Zamzee after I met with them at the recent Blog Her convention in New York City.

Zamzee is… well, to sum it up quickly… pure genius. It’s the perfect incentive for my kids to exercise, as it works very much like a video game. See, you first set up an account over at and then you get to create and customize your own avatar. There’s all sort of sizes and shapes for eyes, hair, clothing, etc., as well as companions like dogs, cats, and even dinosaurs. But, for starters you have a very basic avatar with some customization available. To “buy” the other cooler items, you need to first earn Goalz.

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How do you earn these points? Simple. Exercise! With a Zamzee meter (roughly the size of a small Flash drive), you just clip it on your clothes or put it in your pocket and head out to exercise. Run. Walk. Bike. There’s even various Zamzee challenges to complete in order to earn bonus points if you finish an activity in a certain timeframe. When you’re done, you head over to your computer, plug in the Zamzee meter to any USB port and it records the amount of exercise you just did, awarding you various Pointz.

There’s badges to earn, levels to unlock, leaderboards to climb and best of all, rewards to purchase. Besides trading in your points for avatar upgrades, you can get actual gift cards to popular stores, donate to charities, or get a bunch of neat physical prizes like video games, apps, and other toys. It’s just like Chuck E. Cheese’s except you need to exercise to earn prizes, instead of playing video games.

I was given two meters to test out, so I gave one to each of my kids, who were both insanely excited to test this out. We started with a simple 30 minute walk outside, and when we came back, they both raced to the computer, ready to see how many points they’ve earned. It took us a little time to realize that there are two point structures on Zamzee, one for just regular exercise (bragging rights), and the other which are “spendable” type points that you earn by doing various challenges. So from then on, Jason and Ryan both started doing the challenges, earning points and buying all sorts of pets and neat clothes for their avatars.

Does Zamzee work? Absolutely. My kids would pretty much throw regular temper tantrums every time Allie or I suggested we go for a family walk or a bike ride. Now, there are no tantrums, and in fact, the kids sometimes suggest it. And they don’t even freak out if they forget to bring their activity meter with them. Jason even slept with it one night, hoping to earn some extra points that way! (No, it didn’t really do much.)

Ryan said, “I like how you can change your avatar and get different pets. That’s fun.” Jason agreed and here’s a video review from him on the overall process:

Zamzee meters come in a variety of colors, simply charge up in a USB port, and cost $29.95. There’s no monthly fee or any other hidden fees necessary. It’s really a fantastic and innovative product, and I should also add that the company’s customer service is top-notch too. If you have any problems at all, it’s easy to contact them and you’ll get an almost-immediate response.

Want to see what the fun is all about? Check out for more info!

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  1. They are a little older so they help with mowing and helping around the farm. We do have horses so that keeps them active.

  2. Playing sports at school, running around with their friends and we love playing dance video games on the Xbox 🙂

  3. My little one is so full of energy and loves to play outside, he like to play on his swingset , jump on the trampoline and ride his bike

  4. This might get my daughter away from her video games more frequently than the required outside activity of 30 minutes a day. She has a fourteen foot trampoline and a 18 speed bicycle, plus a dog to walk.

    • Hi Larry! It would be great for your daughter to try Zamzee – good luck with the contest! (To all: if you don’t win – use the code “LUVZZ2012” for a 25% discount at

  5. My two year old loves to dance so we turn on different types of music and just dance like no one is watching (thankfully no-one us usually is!)

  6. We have recently started trying to hike with our girls, and they have really enjoyed it. Looking for new waterfalls and even interesting rocks and leaves keeps us motivated so that you hardly realize you’re exercising!

  7. My kids love to play – we run around the house and play lots of chasing type games. We also have a Kinect and play on that a lot, too. It’s pretty hot here still, and it’s hard to get outside 🙂

  8. What a great idea! This is one of those things you wished you invented because it is SO simple and will earn a ton of money! LOL! But I love the fact that you can win prizes! What a great motivator! I love the idea of this! More companies need to do stuff like this! How inventive!

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