Watch Me Become a Trendsetter With the Pioneer from Nordgreen

Nordgreen Pioneer

Watches have always fascinated me. As a kid, I recall my very first wristwatch. It had a light blue band with Snoopy dancing on the watch face, his two arms moving to always tell me the time. As I got older, I moved into the digital watch phase and through a number of school years even had one of those neat calculator watches. My friend Ethan had the coveted Pac-Man watch that let you play …

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A Holiday Gift Guide That’s Made for Men

Gift Guide for Men Babblebox

This post is sponsored by With Black Friday less than two weeks away, we are in full-on shopping mode. That also means we are in full-on, “What the heck do I get so-and-so for Christmas?” mode. Fear not, young reader. I’ve put together a spiffy collection of unique gifts for that special guy in your life. Yeah, you could call it a Gift Guide for Men. These are items Made for Men that are a …

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You’ll Never Believe What I Do With Baby Oil

Baby Oil Hacks

Hacking. It’s a word I hear non-stop in my house as my kids feverishly play Minecraft on their computers and keep screaming, “He’s hacking!” Yes, they’re referring to a sort of “cheating” within the game. But in real life, hacks are pretty darn cool. When you can take a product like say Johnson’s® Baby Baby Oil and use it for tons of other purposes, you’ve just greatly increased the return on your investment! Okay, so …

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Join Me at the DynaTrap Twitter Party to Fight Off Mosquitos and Win $250


Mosquitos bite. They really really do. Last summer I wrote about how the pesky little varmints view me as an all-you-can-eat human buffet, but thanks to DynaTrap, I finally feel safe enough to explore the great outdoors. I remember bug zappers from when I was a kid. They were always loud and kind of, well, just nasty to even think about. A more modern alternative, DynaTrap is one nifty contraption that’s so simple yet so effective at …

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Is the Verizon Wireless Recycle Program a Total Scam?

I’m not happy. Not one bit. And it’s all thanks to Verizon Wireless. I’ve complained about Verizon Wireless before. That was in regards to ridiculous, unnecessary fees. I still stand by that post. But this time, it’s a totally different issue and I feel like I’ve been part of one big phone scam. Let me walk you through what happened… The iPhone 6 went on pre-order and I didn’t bat an eye. Yeah it sounded …

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