A Holiday Gift Guide That’s Made for Men

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Gift Guide for Men Babblebox

With Black Friday less than two weeks away, we are in full-on shopping mode. That also means we are in full-on, “What the heck do I get so-and-so for Christmas?” mode. Fear not, young reader. I’ve put together a spiffy collection of unique gifts for that special guy in your life. Yeah, you could call it a Gift Guide for Men.

These are items Made for Men that are a bit out of the ordinary or certainly not the first thing that come to mind. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t thoughtful and unique. They’re also practical, comfortable and quite fashionable, all sure to put a smile on your guy’s face. I’ve even got you covered from, literally, head to toe with recommendations here.

So read on for my Holiday Gift Guide for Men:

ZENNI Glasses

Gift Guide for Men Zenni Optical

When it comes to holiday gifts, you may not be thinking eyewear. But you should! Zenni has some real stylish and affordable prescription glasses and sunglasses. I always thought glasses were just functional, not fashionable. Yeah, that explains my junior high school photos…

But Zenni glasses won’t just help you see, they’ll help you look good. Prices start as low as $6.95 per pair, so why not stock up on a few of these affordable mens fashion items and give the gift of sight (and studliness)!

Shop Zenni


AfterShokz Trekz Air

Gift Guide for Men

Okay, listen up. (See what I did there?) These Trekz Air headphones are unlike any headphones I’ve ever tried on. Normally I can wear ear buds for about 20 minutes before my ears physically start hurting. I must have weird shaped ears because I’ve tried so many different sizes. I love the big clunky headphones that completely cover your ears but those are super big and only good if you don’t move a muscle.

When it comes to exercising and headphones, I’ve yet to find a good solution. They’re either uncomfortable, the wires pop out as I run, or I sweat all over them. (TMI?) Then I met these headphones from AfterShokz and it all made sense.

Made of lightweight titanium, these Trekz Air headphones scoop around your neck and rest on your ears. No invasive ear buds. They were designed with the athlete in mind.

And just in time for holiday shopping, you can take advantage of a great BOGO offer. Buy one Trekz Air between November 23 and November 26 and you will get an unboxed Trekz Titanium to give as a gift to someone else. Sounds like music to my ears.

Shop AfterShokz


Ties from Ties.com

Gift Guide for Men Ties.com

Pop quiz, hot shots. What do you think a site like Ties.com sells? If you guess, “bacon,” then you are incorrect and have incredibly poor reading comprehension. Ties. Yes, it’s ties. No Gift Guide for Men would be complete without some sort of tie, am I right?

Well if you’re having trouble finding a unique tie for that special guy on your list, you’ll want to check out some of the newer products available including the Rainy Tie, Navy Blue Swiss Stripe Knit tie or the Charcoal Seagoville tie. At Ties.com you can expect a unique flair to a traditional look. Everything from floral patterns to diagonal stripes are offered in new creative ways.

Be sure to use coupon code TIESXBB to get 15% off your order if you shop before December 31, 2018.

Shop Ties.com

Dr. Scholl’s NIKOLA Sneaker or SPARKES Boot

Gift Guide for Men Dr Scholls

One of the most important purchases in life is a good pair of comfortable shoes. Usually, though, the more comfortable a shoe looks, the more likely it’s made for your grandmother. At least, that’s how things used to be. Now thanks to Dr. Scholl’s, you can get your hands (or make that feet) on a pair of NIKOLA Sneakers or SPARKES Boots. Both are super comfy and have a real modern, athletic look to them. Give your guy a gift that’s really on trend this holiday season.

Give yourself a gift too. Yep, you can get Free Shipping PLUS 20% off your order when you use the exclusive promo code: Babblebox20FS!

Shop Dr. Scholl’s

*Exclusions apply. May not be combined with other offers. Not valid on previous purchases. Free ground shipping applied automatically during checkout and is not valid in Alaska or Hawaii. Promo code and free shipping expires 11:59 p.m. CT November 30, 2018.


Beau Brummell Charcoal Facial Mask

Gift Guide for Men Beau Brummell

If someone told me they were getting me a mens face mask for the holidays, I’d be a bit taken aback. I mean, it’s not like I play hockey or anything. But then I realized they’d be talking about a skin treatment to help draw out all those impurities in my pores. The Beau Brummell Charcoal Facial Mask helps get rid of all that excess oil on your skin and deep in your pores, while also giving you a smooth feel. (The ladies love that I hear!)

You can even save 15% off your next order with coupon code: BEAU15BRUMMELL . Just be sure to make your purchase before January 31, 2019 to save!

Shop Beau Brummell

What Gift Guide for Men item would your guy love most?

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