No More Color Bleeding Accidents Thanks to Purex No Sort


PurexHero2There are a number of things I’m not allowed to do in my own house. Cooking rice is one of them. So is filling up the dishwasher. And thanks to a a few unfortunate color bleeding accidents, I’m no longer allowed to do the laundry.

Seriously, you mix your whites with a few random red shirts and suddenly it’s the end of the world. Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret. I still try to do laundry once in a while. You know, to help out around the house. Stop looking at me like that, I’m serious.

Except apparently I still have no idea what I’m doing since the phrase “sort your laundry” doesn’t really register with me. Let me tell you a story about what happened this past weekend.

See, while Allie was off tucking the kids in, I grabbed a pile of clothes from the hamper and ran downstairs to the laundry room. I was seconds away from starting when she caught me redhanded. Or rather, red clothes in hand.


I tried explaining that I was trying to help and that I totally deserve a second chance. That’s when she reminded me that this would be my 11th chance, but who’s counting?

So I did what any other self-respecting husband would do in this situation. I gave my wife the puppy dog eyes. Hey, if it works, use it!

Allie finally relented and told me to give it another shot. And uh, that’s when I looked at her and asked if mixing whites and reds is okay.


I expected a frying pan to the face but none ever came. And not just because we weren’t in the kitchen!

Apparently, color sorting is so last year thanks to the new Purex® No Sort™ detergent. See, I was like totally ahead of my time! Allie had picked up a bottle from the detergent aisle at our local Walmart just last week.

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So Allie, smiled, handed me the bottle of Purex and said, “This was totally made for you.”


So how does Purex do it? Clearly there’s magic afoot! Either that or some high-falootin’ chemistry going on. Let’s see how Purex can explain their way out of this one!

When washing your colors, dyes can often bleed, or transfer, from your darker colored garments onto the lighter ones in the wash. Our new Anti-Color-Transfer Technology™, exclusive to Purex® No Sort™ for Colors, traps loose dyes in the wash, and does not let them settle onto other fabrics. When your wash cycle finishes, the trapped dye is simply washed down the drain along with the water – leaving your clothes bright and clean.

Purex No Sort detergent is packed with innovation, but it can’t perform miracles, so please follow these words of advice: wash strongly colored fabrics or new pieces of clothing, especially jeans, separately at least 5 times before doing a mixed color load with Purex No Sort detergent

Okay, I’ll just have to take their word for it. But if sorting is a thing of the past, that means I can just toss everything in together, right? Whites and reds! Whites and Blues. Reds, whites and blues!


The future certainly looks bright and not just because it’s almost summertime. No more sorting and I actually get to help out with the laundry around here!

Wait a sec. Maybe I didn’t think this through properly. I have a feeling I’m going to be stuck doing the laundry a lot more now thanks to Purex…

Purex No Sort

The Rules Have Changed

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  1. I love Purex and use it all the time. I still remember when I was living with a relative when I was in college and accidentally put something red in the laundry for white underwear. My brother in-law’s undies all came out pink!!


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