5 Ways to Keep Your Granite Countertops Clean

The following is a sponsored guest post One fear that plagues many homeowners as they consider granite countertops is how to keep the stone clean without damaging it. Fortunately, the hubbub about how hard it is to keep granite countertops clean is a bit exaggerated. There are a variety of ways that you can properly clean your granite countertops without harming the stone at all. 1.    Find a Trusted Granite Cleaner Granite countertops may seem …

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Clorox and Disney•Pixar’s Incredibles II Team Up for One Incredible Summer

Clorox Cape Dad

This post is sponsored by Clorox. All thoughts and opinions are my own. It’s no secret that I love comic books. I’ve always loved those masked marvels and caped crusaders, ever since I was a little boy. In fact, I used to think of my dad as a superhero. Just like most kids, I’d run around pretending I was Superman. I’d tie my Nun Nun (i.e. my security blanket) around my neck and race around …

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You’ll Never Believe What I Do With Baby Oil

Baby Oil Hacks

Hacking. It’s a word I hear non-stop in my house as my kids feverishly play Minecraft on their computers and keep screaming, “He’s hacking!” Yes, they’re referring to a sort of “cheating” within the game. But in real life, hacks are pretty darn cool. When you can take a product like say Johnson’s® Baby Baby Oil and use it for tons of other purposes, you’ve just greatly increased the return on your investment! Okay, so …

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To Counter All the Hate, Here’s 101 Things I Truly Love

There’s a lot of hate going on in the world these days. I’m not going to start talking politics here at all, nor am I blindly ignoring the reasons behind all this hate. Instead, however, I’m preaching love. Love. Compassion. Caring. You can do all of that while still disagreeing with one another on things. That said, I’m doing my part to spread as much positive vibes as I can these days. I know it’s …

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Dads Get More ‘Kid Time’ Thanks to the SwifferEffect


I’ve got a friend named Eric. He’s not your typical guy and I don’t mean that just because he roots for the Cleveland Browns. Y’see, Eric likes to do something really odd. Something no man or woman alive likes to admit to enjoying. And yes, he likes to do it in the kitchen. Doesn’t matter whose kitchen either. Could be his. Could be mine. Could be yours. He doesn’t care, he’ll just dive right in. …

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