Dads Get More ‘Kid Time’ Thanks to the SwifferEffect

I’ve got a friend named Eric. He’s not your typical guy and I don’t mean that just because he roots for the Cleveland Browns.

Y’see, Eric likes to do something really odd. Something no man or woman alive likes to admit to enjoying. And yes, he likes to do it in the kitchen.

Doesn’t matter whose kitchen either. Could be his. Could be mine. Could be yours. He doesn’t care, he’ll just dive right in.

Yep, for some crazy reason Eric actually enjoys… doing the dishes. For realsies!

I don’t get it either. But knowing that he has a real passion for cleanliness I thought who better to surprise with a magical green Swiffer Box!

“I told you kids I’m not buying any more Girl Scout Cookies now… Oh, Ho! Whats this?”

Always skeptical, Eric took caution when opening the Big Green Box in the middle of his kitchen.


Success! Cleaning products are a go! The box is filled with a brand-new Swiffer Wet Jet, as well as Wet Jet and Wet Jet Pad refills!


Just look at that smile. Another satisfied customer dad!


Yeah, us dads are still getting the raw stereotype deal when it comes to cleaning. But you’ll be surprised to know that according to the Swiffer Cleaning Index (yes, that is a real thing!), today’s dads are chipping in almost twice as many times as their own dads did. That being the case, Swiffer is a dad’s new BFF.

With the various Swiffer products, particularly the Swiffer WetJet, dads can get through the cleaning chores faster than ever and then spend more time with the kids. That means more rounds of Mario Kart for me and the boys!


To further add proof to the whole #SwifferEffect of saving time for the kids, Swiffer put together a couple of fantastic videos. Take a look!

Swiffer & Anthony Anderson Present: Dad Behind the Clean

A Clean House with #SwifferDad

I’ll admit I’m not big on cleaning. I pitch in most, I’d say, when we have company coming over either for the day or a big family gathering. Generally, it falls to me to vacuum and Swiffer the floors.

What I love most about the Swiffer products (including the Wet Jet), is that they’re so light and easy to use. I even get my kids to join in on the fun at times, running around the kitchen as they clean the floors.

The swell folks over at Swiffer were nice enough to send me my own Big Green Box to enjoy. You better believe I’ll be Wet Jetting around the house at super speed, so I can finish up quickly and catch up on episodes of The Flash with Allie and the boys!



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