Dads Get More ‘Kid Time’ Thanks to the SwifferEffect


I’ve got a friend named Eric. He’s not your typical guy and I don’t mean that just because he roots for the Cleveland Browns. Y’see, Eric likes to do something really odd. Something no man or woman alive likes to admit to enjoying. And yes, he likes to do it in the kitchen. Doesn’t matter whose kitchen either. Could be his. Could be mine. Could be yours. He doesn’t care, he’ll just dive right in. …

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The Swiffer Wet Jet Was Made For Guys Like Me

#SwifferEffect #BigGreenBox

I’m not a messy guy. I don’t have tons of garbage laying around all over the place and a zillion papers, boxes, you-name-its cluttering my desk. Sure there are more than a few action figures keeping me company, but for the most part, I’ve always been fairly neat. Clean, however, is a different story. Like most guys (except for my friend Eric who for some crazy reason loves doing the dishes), cleaning is just something …

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