The Swiffer Wet Jet Was Made For Guys Like Me

#SwifferEffect #BigGreenBox

I’m not a messy guy. I don’t have tons of garbage laying around all over the place and a zillion papers, boxes, you-name-its cluttering my desk. Sure there are more than a few action figures keeping me company, but for the most part, I’ve always been fairly neat.

Clean, however, is a different story. Like most guys (except for my friend Eric who for some crazy reason loves doing the dishes), cleaning is just something that doesn’t click in my head. If I knock over a glass of soda, yes, I’ll wipe it up. If we’re having company come over and my wife asks me to vacuum, sure I’ll pitch in.

But complete and unprovoked cleaning? Yeah, that would never even cross my mind. I mean, I know we own a mop somewhere in this house. I think I could probably figure out how to use it but then there’s the hassle of filling up the bucket, the water gets all dirty, it’s really just not worth it, am I right?

Clearly the folks over at Swiffer feel my pain. Either that, or they want me to start pulling my weight more in the housekeeping department. I was sent one of those bright, green Swiffer boxes filled with some cleaning magic.

Take a look at what was inside!

#SwifferEffect #BigGreenBox

Yep, I was sent my very own Swiffer Wet Jet (plus the necessary batteries to run it!), and a box of refillable Wet Jet pads. The first thing I had to do was assemble the Wet Jet itself, which took all of maybe three minutes. You just snap a few pieces together, add the batteries, and then insert the Wet Jet cleaning solution and you’re ready to go!


I’ve used regular Swiffers before and absolutely love how easy they are to use. To be honest, they’re actually kind of fun sliding around on the hardwood floors. Don’t tell anyone, but sometimes I pretend I’m playing hockey as I race down the hallway with a Swiffer in hand…

Anyways, the Swiffer Wet Jet is just as comfortable and easy to use as the other Swiffer products. Hold the button down to squirt out a bit of the cleaning solution and then start scrubbing away at your dirty floors. It’s also pretty light too, so even my kids can get in on the cleaning action.


Let’s face it, my wife’s the lone female in our family, so if we can find something that the boys can help clean with, that’s a huge win for us. Usually they end up making more of a mess when they try to help, but with the Swiffer Wet Jet, I don’t see that happening. With no heavy bucket to lug around, you won’t be slopping dirty water all over the place, including on yourself!

Swiffer was nice enough to send me an extra #BigGreenBox to pass on to a friend, and that’s exactly what I did! Knowing how helpful this can be for guys, I surprised my buddy Adam with a Big Green Box of his own!

"What's in the box?"
“What’s in the box?”
"Ooooh! So THAT'S what's in the box!"
“Ooooh! So THAT’S what’s in the box!”
“Total score!”

I even let Adam take mine for a test drive. (Shh… don’t tell him I was tricking him into cleaning my floors.)

#SwifferEffect #BigGreenBox
No, he apparently doesnt do windows.

I also have to hand it to Swiffer for making some pretty stellar commercials these days. First there was that adorable old married couple, whose lives turned around with their own Swiffer Green Box. But now they’ve got actor Eric Stonestreet extolling the virtues of Swiffer.


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

6 thoughts on “The Swiffer Wet Jet Was Made For Guys Like Me”

  1. I love this mop! It is such an easy awesome mop that really cleans great. It is really good to use in the bathroom because it picks up everything. I do not know where I would be without my Swiffer!!

  2. Thanks for the entertaining review! I know about the swiffer wet jet, but have never tried it..maybe I’ll have to see about us trying it out some time, because it appears to be a lot easier to use (and less messy) than the traditional mop and bucket routine. I do however, like the swiffer dusters…not that I enjoy dusting..but you know, it has to get done sooner or later, right? lol


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