What is PR? Unlock the Secrets with PR Confidential

PR Confidential book with all sorts of top secret props

I’ve worked in marketing for roughly 20 years. But I still can’t answer the simple question of, “What is PR?” My friends and family work in PR at big agencies like Golin and Hunter. I’m still not totally clear on exactly what a PR team does. I mean, yes, it stands for Public Relations. That much I get. But overall, I just don’t have a full grasp of what the heck PR really is. PR …

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I Bet Captain Picard Used a Norelco 7700 to Shave

  Only once in my life have I tried an electric razor before. I was in college and my roommate Dave always used it. He’d walk around the house talking to us while buzzing away at his face, pretty much anytime of the day. It just looked so crazy convenient, I had to try it. After all, it’s not like I love using a straight razor everyday, what with the regular nicks and razor burn. So …

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LEGO Star Wars: Droid Tales Actually Makes the Prequels Enjoyable


It’s no secret I love LEGO. But what is a secret is that LEGO is so amazingly good at what they do, they can make me like just about anything in the world. Next to LEGO and Captain America, I’d say Star Wars is right up there as one of my favoritest things in the world. When it comes to the Star Wars Prequels, however, not so much. I know a lot of kids like …

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Watch Your Step – Here’s 10 Reasons You Need to See Marvel’s Ant-Man Now!

I can’t believe there’s an Ant-Man movie out. I can’t believe there’s an Ant-Man movie out and it doesn’t stink. I can’t believe there’s an Ant-Man movie out and it doesn’t stink; it rocks! Yeah, I’ve been a life-long fan of the Avengers comics. Granted, I’m still a little hurt that Captain America didn’t become an official Avenger until Avengers #4, but still, I’ve always loved the team. And most of you may be surprised …

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With the Schick Hydro 5, Shaving is Like a Party On My Face


You may not believe me, but it is true. Back in the 1990s, I won an office Beard Off! A large handful of the guys in the office (all of us in our early 20s), joined in. We started the month completely clean shaven and then had a full 6 weeks to grow the fullest, bestest beard ever. Some had splotchy blonde beards. Others had all of three hairs on their chinny chin chins. The …

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