With the Schick Hydro 5, Shaving is Like a Party On My Face


You may not believe me, but it is true. Back in the 1990s, I won an office Beard Off!

A large handful of the guys in the office (all of us in our early 20s), joined in. We started the month completely clean shaven and then had a full 6 weeks to grow the fullest, bestest beard ever. Some had splotchy blonde beards. Others had all of three hairs on their chinny chin chins. The front runners going into the end? Myself and my roommate Mike.

To be fair, Mike is easily the hairiest person I ever met. He’s a living, breathing Bear Skin rug. So he definitely gave me a run for my money. Sadly, his grandmother passed away, so he had to shave down for the funeral and just couldn’t regrow his beard in time. With no one left to challenge my fantastic follicles, I ran away with the Best Beard Award!

I don’t know how long I kept the beard, but it did come off at some point afterwards. To this day, Allie still hounds me to grow it again. She loves it! I find it real itchy and hot in the summer, so I’d only consider it in the winter. And then there’s just so much work trying to groom it, that I usually just shave the whole thing off.

I’ll admit that when it comes to shaving, I’m pretty pathetic. I don’t have any fancy razors. I usually just use one of those uber-cheap disposables. Whatever’s on sale at the supermarket, y’know?

I’m guessing that probably explains why I never seem to have a real close shave. And I also always seem to have razor burn and nicks all over my neck. So when I was approached to work on the #MakeItEpic campaign for Schick®, I jumped at the chance.

I ran over to our local ShopRite and hunted down the razors aisle. It didn’t take long to find the huge assortment of Schick® razors either. Who knew that one brand could offer so many choices?


I decided to go with the Schick® Hydro 5. It looked cool and anything with the word “Hydro” in it automatically gets bonus points from me. 

The pack came with three disposable razors, so I took one out to prepare for grooming! There’s a nice safety cap on the razor, which is real easy to pop right off.


I love the five blades that sit atop the Hydro 5 razor. I think the most blades I’ve ever used at once before were three.


I took a few “Pre-Shave” pics to show off my heavy stubble.


After a nice hot shower, I lathered up my face and prepared for a Schick® Attack!


I was a little nervous at first, I’ll tell ya. Normally when I use a disposable razor for the first time, it’s super sharp and real rough against my skin. This time, I was using a five-bladed new razor, so I expected to be in a for a world of hurt.

I couldn’t have been more wrong!

Even though it has five blades on it, the Hydro 5 was so incredibly smooth on my face. Not once did I feel like it was pulling on my skin. I didn’t get any razor burn, nor did I nick myself even once.

The head pivots nicely too, so it shaves right along with the shape and contours of your face.


These pictures don’t do it justice. With the lighting, you can’t really see (or feel!) how crazy smooth my face is. It almost feels like it’s been moisturized while I shaved. Allie even noticed a much smoother feel to my cheeks.

You better believe I’ll be tossing my cheapo generic razors in the garbage and going with a much better blade moving forward! I normally hate shaving every day, but with the Schick® Hydro 5, I’m now ready to to go at a moment’s notice!

You can learn all about the Schick® Hydro 5 at the Make It Epic website, where it’s your face, your story! And if you need even more incentive to try it, you should head over to your local ShopRite today to take advantage of a great offer!

From now through July 10, when you buy 2 participating Men’s Schick® or Edge product, you’ll receive 2 Free Movie Tickets (valued up to $20)!

Of course, you’ll want to take a hot date to the movies, right? And when you do, you’ll want to have the cleanest shave around. See how it all ties together?


Visit Schick®’s Make it Epic Site

What are your shaving stories?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Schick® Men’s Shave. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  1. My husband uses a razor with disposable cartridges. He said he doesn’t like the disposable razors because they cut his skin. He might be interested in the razor based on your review. Thanks for sharing!


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