LEGO Star Wars: Droid Tales Actually Makes the Prequels Enjoyable

It’s no secret I love LEGO. But what is a secret is that LEGO is so amazingly good at what they do, they can make me like just about anything in the world.

Next to LEGO and Captain America, I’d say Star Wars is right up there as one of my favoritest things in the world. When it comes to the Star Wars Prequels, however, not so much. I know a lot of kids like them, but at this point in my life, I find it easier to pretend that Episodes I-III just never existed.

Except… I’m totally fine with them in the LEGO Universe. Heck, I’m more than fine with them there. I LOVE LEGO Star Wars in all its forms.

I find LEGO Jar Jar Binks hysterical. Like really really funny. Seriously. I have actually laughed out loud at various things LEGO Jar Jar has done. That right there, sums up how amazingly awesome LEGO is at telling stories and building worlds.

Droid Tales  Disney XD

And now there’s a new LEGO® Star Wars™: Droid Tales show on Disney XD. We all curled up in bed to watch it as a family and it was as entertaining as you’d expect.

The story picks up right at the end of Return of the Jedi, but it sees C-3PO start reminiscing about his crazy life. (This droid’s been from one end of the galaxy to the next!) His story basically starts summing up the Star Wars Prequels, but in the typical fast-paced and crazy fun way that LEGO Star Wars always does.

While he’s telling his story, however, a mysterious figure lurks in the background and makes off with a pretty valuable prize! No spoilers here, but we’re definitely hooked enough to watch the next episode. And yes, LEGO Jar Jar does make an appearance and yes, I did chuckle pretty loudly at his “fate.”


We all enjoyed the show and it actually did a great job of summarizing the Prequel films. It helped me remember them a bit (and explain them better) but it also answered a zillion questions Ryan had about the earlier films. Short, sweet and highly entertaining, that’s what I’d expect out of a LEGO Star Wars show, and it certainly does not disappoint.

But the LEGO Star Wars fun didn’t end there. Uh uh! We also got ourselves a LEGO Star Wars construction set to build and relive some of the adventures.


Again, I”m not a huge fan of the Prequels, but the Naboo Starfighter is one of the coolest LEGO Star Wars ships I’ve built. Ryan and I joined… ahem… FORCEs to put this bad boy together!


There are a slew of cool extras on this ship like an R2-D2 that can pop out with the press of a button and two green missiles you can “shoot” by toggling a small “switch” on the underside of the ship.


There’s even a cool stand to rest it on and spin around like a model kit. Not to mention stairs to let your pilot climb in, and some equipment to charge her up for battle!


If you’ve never seen a single LEGO Star Wars movie, TV episode or video clip, you honestly do not know what you’re missing. Trust me, turn the channel to Disney XD because these are the droids you’re looking for!

“Start catching up on the entire Star Wars™ saga today with LEGO® Star Wars™ construction sets and the new Droid Tales series. Click here to start building the universe, and tune in to Disney XD for new Droid Tales episodes as the perfect way for families to learn or relive the saga before the new film comes out later this year.”



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9 thoughts on “LEGO Star Wars: Droid Tales Actually Makes the Prequels Enjoyable”

  1. Legos are alright in moderation or with supervision. My friend had to call the washer repair man out twice and replace her dryer due to tiny lego pieces which made its way into the laundry. It sounds funny at first, but ended up being costly in the end. It is amazing what you can do with them. I am in awe of the creations they make. The closest thing I had was jigsaw puzzles. lol.

  2. All my kids loved Lego and played with it a lot. However one of them (an adult) is really into his two favourite things with LEGO Star Wars. He has an office at home that is jammed full of boxes of the stuff. 🙂

  3. Lego is all my son uses daily and he is only 4 Lol – Right now he is into making Cars/Trucks ect. I bet he would totally Love this set! Thank you for sharing =) Loved it

  4. My daughter and son-in-law are VERY heavily into LEGOS, and Star Wars. I would send them this link if I were speaking to them.

  5. My son is a Star Wars LEGO freak! I have lost track how many “ships” he has in his room. This one would make a great gift for under the tree this year.


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