We Partied On With Mario, Luigi and the Whole Mario Party 10 Gang



Last week, we partied like it was 1999! (10 bonus points if you catch that reference.) Okay, so it was more like 2015. But my boys partied like it was a Mario Party. And…well, it was!

To help celebrate the release of Nintendo’s Mario Party 10, our best buds over at Nintendo sent us a huge box full o’ the best party supplies this side of the Mushroom Kingdom! Balloons. Confetti. Streamers. DIY party hats. A Bowser mask. Plush Bowser toys. A few Mario Party Amiibos. Oh, and a little game called Mario Party 10.

They also offered to pay for the pizzas (Thanks, guys!), and so a full-on Mario Pizza Party was underway!

Mario Party 10 Pizza Party
Jason has perfected the “block Ethan’s face with my arm” maneuver.

Jason and Ryan were joined by their buds Ethan, Matthew and Harry, as they downed chips, pretzels and pizza, all in the name of partying on.

Mario Party 10
Of course Ryan had to take a bite just as I snapped this pic.
Toad Mario Party
Jason and Toad are pretty inseparable.
Mario Party #PlayNintendo
Ethan (left) and Matt share their inner Nintendo-ness.

After snarfing down two whole pies, the boys were ready to get their game on!

Mario Party 10 Amiibos
Anyone else notice that Harry’s the only one who opened his Amiibo?

Stomachs full, the boys raced into the basement to get started! Considering you can play as Bowser now (using Bowser mode!), all five kids could play at once.


Can you guess who’s playing as Bowser?


Uh oh! Here comes the big baddie himself to ruin the party fun!


After fighting off the Koopa King himself, it was time to try out the Amiibo Party mode!

Mario Party 10 Amiibo #PlayNintendo
“Itsa us!”

Ryan is apparently a “little” excited to try out the Yoshi Amiibo.


Every time it’s your turn in Amiibo Party Mode, you have to place your Amiibo figure on the game controller to roll the die.


One guess who’s playing as Toad…


The Amiibo Figures you choose show up as characters in the game.


The kids had a great time playing and the mini-games look real fun too. I’m sure I’ll be joining the party soon enough!

Be on the lookout for Jason and Ryan’s review of Mario Party 10 coming soon to Mommy’s Busy, Go Ask Daddy!


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