Clorox and Disney•Pixar’s Incredibles II Team Up for One Incredible Summer

Clorox Cape Dad

This post is sponsored by Clorox. All thoughts and opinions are my own. It’s no secret that I love comic books. I’ve always loved those masked marvels and caped crusaders, ever since I was a little boy. In fact, I used to think of my dad as a superhero. Just like most kids, I’d run around pretending I was Superman. I’d tie my Nun Nun (i.e. my security blanket) around my neck and race around …

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Wreck-It Ralph 2 Trailer Breaks the Internet

Wreck-It-Ralph 2

I absolutely loved Wreck-It Ralph. Toy Story will always have a very special place in this action figure-loving guy’s heart. But Wreck-It Ralph tapped into my supreme love of video games. And it brought me into the games themselves. Pac-Man. Street Fighter. Even one of my all-time favorites, Qbert, all got to join Ralph on his epic quest to turn bad into good. And now Disney has announced a pixel-packed sequel called Ralph Breaks the …

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The Cars 3 Director and Producers Pop the Hood on What Makes Lightning McQueen Tick

Cars 3

Speed. It’s all I could think about as I sat in a room at Sonoma Raceway for the Cars 3 Press Junket. With the sound of shrieking tires filling the air in the background, I sat with a few dozen bloggers for the latest part of our epic #Cars3Event Disney Blog Trip. The latest pit stop was the official Cars 3 Press Junket. Seated comfortably at a table in the front of the room were Director Brian Fee, Producer Kevin …

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The Cars 3 Animation and Effects Teams Breathe Life into the Next Generation of Cars

It happens to the best of them. Michael Jordon. Tiger Woods. Mickey Mantle. Joe Montana. The superstars of yesteryear face the end of their careers, as the brash, young newcomers take centerstage. Why would we expect anything different from the star of Cars 3: Lightning McQueen? Harken back to the first Cars film, and you may remember a fairly cocky #95 not really caring to hear anyone else’s advice. He was young and a bit …

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The Cars 3 Writing Team Reveals the Story Behind the Story

#Cars3Event Cars 3

Story is King. That’s pretty much the mantra at Pixar Animation Studios, where they tell some amazing stories. From Toy Story to Finding Nemo, the Pixar team seems to flawlessly crank out success after success. But what really goes on behind those closed doors? How do these masterpieces make it to the Big Screen? That’s exactly what I got to find out on a recent #Cars3Event Blogging Trip to Pixar Studios, where we sat down …

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