You’ll Never Believe What I Do With Baby Oil


Baby Oil Hacks

Hacking. It’s a word I hear non-stop in my house as my kids feverishly play Minecraft on their computers and keep screaming, “He’s hacking!” Yes, they’re referring to a sort of “cheating” within the game. But in real life, hacks are pretty darn cool. When you can take a product like say Johnson’s® Baby Baby Oil and use it for tons of other purposes, you’ve just greatly increased the return on your investment!

Okay, so baby oil hacks may not be tops on your list of things to do today. But trust me, having a bottle of Johnson’s® Baby Baby Oil in your cabinets is well worth it. The best part? You can find Johnson’s® Baby Baby Oil at your local Walmart, like I just did.

You’ll find Baby Oil in the Personal Care aisle at Walmart and there’s even a “Shea and Cocoa Butter” version in addition to the regular one. Easy to find. Easy to buy. And sooo many uses.

Baby Oil Hacks

I’ve discovered a laundry list of ways to use baby oil for more than what you’d think. Read on, as I give you my list of 10 Baby Oil Hacks:

Baby Oil Hacks #1: Paint Remover

I’m pretty sloppy when it comes to home improvement. So if I’m painting a room, you better believe I’m covered head to toe in the stuff within a few short minutes. Soap and water can only get so much off. That’s where Johnson’s® Baby Baby Oil comes in! If you’re using latex paints, you can use baby oil to help get it off your skin. Just dab some on a cotton ball and lightly rub it in circles on your skin. After a bit, wash it off with soap and water and before you know it, your skin should be back to its normal color.

Baby Oil Hacks #2: Stay Warm

This weather is pretty crazy by us lately. One day it’s literally 60 degrees out and the next it might drop to 18. And we’re only in the beginning of March! Wearing layers is one way to help stay warm but another brilliant and easy way is baby oil! Just apply some baby oil to any exposed skin areas and it’ll act as an extra layer to give you a little bit more protection from those biting winds.

Baby Oil Hacks #3: Tattoo Removal

No, not real tattoos! But you know those annoying little temporary tattoos that your kids love putting all over their bodies? Yeah, they’re cute when they first get them but a day or two later they’re all cracked and peeling and look awful for a week or two. Save yourself the agony and just pour some baby oil on a paper towel or dish towel and gently rub the tattoo until it’s gone like the wind.

Baby Oil Hacks

Baby Oil Hacks #4: Silence Doors

Nothing’s more deflating to a parent then sneaking in out of your kid’s room at night to make sure he’s okay while sleeping… only to shut his bedroom door with a super loud squeak to wake them up. That problem’s easily solved with a bit of baby oil applied to the door hinges.

Baby Oil Hacks #5: Polish Furniture

By no means am I talented enough to sand down furniture, stain it and refinish it. My dad loves doing that these days, but I’d rather toss that wooden table out when it gets dull and buy a new one. Luckily I discovered something. If you use baby oil on your wooden table, it’ll give that sucker a real nice shine and even add a water-proof barrier! You know, because your guests are probably pretty messy.

Stuck Zipper Baby Oil Hacks

Baby Oil Hacks #6: Save a Zipper

Whether it’s a hoodie or jacket, a stuck zipper is incredibly frustrating. Next time you can’t zip up (or down) whatever you’re wearing, try applying a small bit of baby oil to the zipper. You’ll be zipping up in no time!

Baby Oil Hacks #7: Gum Remover

I’ve never had long hair so it’s never been an issue for me. But I’ve heard of so many horror stories of moms having to cut their daughters’ long hair because they somehow got gum stuck in it. Before grabbing those shears, give baby oil a try. Apply a bit to the gummy area and then slowly work it with your fingers. The gum should be loads easier to get out without potentially ruining your daughter’s future social life.

Baby Oil Hacks

Baby Oil Hacks #8: Remove a Stuck Ring

We’ve all been there, right? You either try on a ring that’s way too small for you or you’ve… ahem… gained a little bit of weight and now your ring is completely stuck on your finger. Try yanking it off. Go ahead. It hurts! And unless you want to peel a few layers of skin off, you may think the only way to remove it is to lose some weight. Before you go on a crash diet, try this: pour baby oil around the stuck ring and gently try twisting the ring off.  The baby oil should act as a fabulous lubricant to help that ring slide right off.

Baby Oil Hacks #9: Removing Earwax

Without getting into the TMI area, we’ve all had times where our ears get a bit of a wax build-up in them. Hopefully no one’s bad enough that you could just pop a wick in your ear for an instant candle. But if you do have enough in your ear that’s affecting your hearing, try this: Tilt your head to the side and pour in about four or five drops of baby oil. You can even warm it up first (not too hot!) if you’d like. Let it sit in your ear for a bit to work on dissolving that wax, then tilt your head back up and let the oil (and grodey wax) drip on out.

Baby Oil Hacks #10: Shine Up Chrome

Want to give your bathroom faucets a quick shine? No problem. Add a bit of baby oil and those chrome fixtures will brighten up your day as much as they brighten up the bathroom.

What are your Baby Oil Hacks?

 Baby Oil Hacks

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  1. HA! You know at first when I read the title, I thought ‘do I want to know this?’ just what the heck is he gonna say? I actually have done many of these hacks. I really like the keeping warmer one. It does work. I have always loved the smell of baby oil and even though the babies are long grown up I still keep it around.


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