To Counter All the Hate, Here’s 101 Things I Truly Love

There’s a lot of hate going on in the world these days. I’m not going to start talking politics here at all, nor am I blindly ignoring the reasons behind all this hate. Instead, however, I’m preaching love.

Love. Compassion. Caring. You can do all of that while still disagreeing with one another on things. That said, I’m doing my part to spread as much positive vibes as I can these days. I know it’s not all chocolate and bunnies and rainbows, but if my little piece of the Interweb can help distract you from the political rants on Facebook for even five minutes, then I’m doing my job.

I recently wrote a similar post on Facebook and merely rattled off a dozen or so things that I love. Now I’m taking it a step further and listing out 101 things I truly love. In no particular order, I give you…

101 Things I Truly Love

  1. My beautiful wife
  2. The Prisoner (YOU are Number 6)
  3. New York Yankees New York Yankees Fan
  4. Open minds
  5. My amazing kids
  6. Calvin and Hobbes
  7. My original Star Wars action figures
  8. My family
  9. Frisbee
  10. Animals (yes, even cats)
  11. Sushi
  12. Pizza
  13. Captain America
  14. My job
  15. Lego
  16. San Francisco (You cannot beat Clam Chowder in a Sourdough Bread Bowl)
  17. White Castle
  18. Star Wars Me and Chewie
  19. Disney
  20. Bloggers
  21. Bowling (My all-time high score is a painful 199)
  22. Playing piano
  23. Board games
  24. Stephen King novels (Dark Tower series FTW!)
  25. Say Anything
  26. What’s Happening?!?
  27. Pac-Man Fever
  28. Kickball
  29. Emmet Otter’s Jugband Christmas
  30. Mr. T
  31. Dogs
  32. Comic Books
  33. Video Games
  34. Atari 2600
  35. Sleeping in
  36. Omelettes with mushrooms, peppers and onions
  37. Bacon
  38. The Simpsons
  39. Flash Gordon (the ’90s classic movie)
  40. The Pittsburgh Steelers
  41. Highlander
  42. Nintendo #PlayNintendo
  43. Playing poker
  44. Clash Royale
  45. Contact lenses (because I hate wearing my glasses)
  46. Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends
  47. Making my wife laugh
  48. Watching my kids laugh
  49. Hot dogs
  50. Any kind of meat “on a stick”
  51. Penguins
  52. Game of Thrones (books and the HBO series)
  53. Iron Maiden
  54. Twisted Sister
  55. Queensryche
  56. Nachos
  57. Weightlifting
  58. Lord of the Rings
  59. Blueberry Pancakes
  60. DC’s The Watchmen #TunaStrong
  61. Underdogs
  62. Underdog
  63. Mel Brooks movies
  64. Jigsaw puzzles
  65. Miniature golf
  66. Scavenger hunts
  67. Bike riding with the family
  68. Geocaching
  69. Family movie night (all four of us on the couch, munching popcorn and watching the latest flick)
  70. Shawshank Redemption (One of my all-time favs)
  71. Ping Pong
  72. The Muppets #MuppetsMostWanted Scandal
  73. Easy Cheese
  74. Cheetos
  75. NASA
  76. Traveling with my family
  77. Listening to my kids play their instruments
  78. The piano interlude on Eric Clapton’s “Layla”
  79. Pepperoni
  80. Super Grover
  81. Beer
  82. Marvel Films (Avengers, Assemble!)
  83. The smell of chocolate chip cookies baking
  84. Canada (Forget what South Park says, this country’s just loaded with super nice people, eh?)
  85. Peter Gabriel’s “Solsbury Hill”Death Star Waffle Maker
  86. Chinese Buffets
  87. Archery
  88. Hiking
  89. Road Trips
  90. Waffles 
  91. Batting cages
  92. The Flash TV show (The CW version)
  93. Foosball
  94. Going to the movies
  95. Netflix
  96. Reading on the couch during a bad rainstorm
  97. Magic Cookie Bars (Only the greatest cookies on Earth!)
  98. The opening guitar licks from Led Zeppelin’s “Over the Hills and Far Away”
  99. Writing
  100. Harry Potter
  101. My readers (I wouldn’t have a blog without you guys!)

What do you love?

2 thoughts on “To Counter All the Hate, Here’s 101 Things I Truly Love”

  1. I love all kinds off simple things… the first flowers of spring, the smell after the rain, sunshine, etc.
    I love your 101 list, youre right, with so much hate it is important to get back to a good place.


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