That’s No Moon… It’s a Waffle

ThinkGeek and Death Star Waffles

It’s no secret I’m a Star Wars fan. It’s also no secret that tops on my toy wish list is a Lego Death Star. One day I will own this Holy Grail of Legos. In the meantime, I bought myself a present.

I figured what better way to start your day than by biting into a planet-destroying space station of a waffle. So yes, I bought a Star Wars Death Star Waffle Maker!

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It makes one giant waffle with the infamous Death Star imprinted on both sides!

Death Star Waffle Maker

The directions say not to overfill, so for our first delicious Death Star, we didn’t. And…. well…

Death Star Waffle Maker

Yeah, our first Death Star waffle was not quite “fully functional.” I like to think it’s the Return of the Jedi Death Star we made. Yeah, that’s it.

With just a few well-placed bananas, however, nobody’s the wiser. Not even the Emperor himself would notice, right?

Death Star Waffle Maker

Time for Death Star Waffle Attempt #2!

Death Star Waffle Maker

This time, Allie made sure to overcompensate. Just look at that pure evil waffleness spilling out!

Death Star Waffle Maker
This time we have perfection! And no, those small brown dots aren’t Jawas… they’re chocolate chips!

Death Star Waffle Maker

Using some well-placed turkey bacon, I tried recreating the climatic final X-Wing run on the Death Star at the end of Star Wars. Pretty spot on, right?

Death Star Waffle Maker

Ultimately, however, it needs to pass the Ryan test. He’s pretty darn picky when it comes to waffles, let me tell ya. But it was all shields down, waffle in for this guy. Success!

The Death Star Waffle Maker makes some tasty waffles. Sure it only does one at a time, but honestly you can’t eat much more than one at a time since they’re pretty hefty.

You can buy your own Death Star Waffle Maker over at ThinkGeek, where those geniuses came up with the whole idea in the first place! It retails for $39.99 and is currently in stock as of the writing of this post.

And if you want to save some money on a Death Star Waffle Maker (hey, those space stations don’t come cheap!), you can shop through TopCashback and get up to 9% back on your ThinkGeek purchases! (Disclaimer: I work for TopCashback, so I’m putting my reputation on the line here by pointing out how awesome and trustworthy a company it is.)

Here’s how to order a Death Star Waffle Maker and save up to 9%:

Step 1: Click here to sign up to (if you’re already a member, jump ahead to Step 2!)

Step 2: After joining, search for “ThinkGeek” in the search box on top or simply click here.

Step 3: Click on the GET CASHBACK button to be sent to ThinkGeek’s website. If you click the waffle maker button, you’ll go directly to that page. Otherwise, just do a search on ThinkGeek for Death Star Waffle Maker.

Step 4: Purchase the waffle maker (or whatever else you want) at ThinkGeek.

That’s it! If you’re completely new to ThinkGeek, you’ll get 9% cashback in your TopCashback account. If you’ve already shopped at ThinkGeek previously, you can get 5% cashback on all your purchases.

If you do purchase a Death Star Waffle Maker, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below!

May the Forks Be With You!


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16 thoughts on “That’s No Moon… It’s a Waffle”

  1. Gotta spill some batter if you want a full waffle that goes all the way to the edge… That’s just science. Did you see Think Geek’s Death Star cutting board??? I want that too!

  2. I am surprised you didnt buy 2! Keep one on the box it is a collectible.
    Really it looks like it makes cool waffles and thats the ultimate goal- well that and they taste good and they are STAR WARS for breakfast!

  3. Brilliant, I’ve never seen this before. My son would love this for his family, well no not really for his family but that’s the excuse he’d use no doubt 🙂

  4. You would have this! I love the pictures of “not fully funtional”….but the finished product sure looks great! I love waffles……I just may spring for this!


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