Ginnifer Goodwin on Playing a Disney Fairy, Owning Pets and Kissing a Blogger

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Snow White kissed me.

Okay so it was on the cheek (hey, we’re both married!), but it was still a kiss from a true Disney Princess.

Let me explain… As part of an amazing Disney blogging experience in LA (we call it #McFarlandUSAEvent), myself and 24 other bloggers spent time at the incredibly cool Disney Toon Studios.

We were there specifically to talk to the creative teams behind the brand-new animated movie TinkerBell and the Legend of the Neverbeast. (You did read my interview with Producer Michael Wigert and Director Steve Loter, right?) The highlight of that day? Yeah, meeting the voice of the movie’s main character Fawn: Ginnifer Goodwin.

Yes, that Ginnifer Goodwin. The one who beautifully plays Snow White on ABC’s super-cool series Once Upon a Time.

Throughout our trip, I continually joked with my blogmates about getting a kiss from Snow White. One blogger (that’d be Julee from Mommy’s Memorandum), took it a step further, pushing the fact that I’m a frog waiting to be turned into a prince.

After our interview time with Ginnifer, I quickly went up to her to thank her for her time and to just briefly mentioned that my mom’s a huge fan and she says hi. To which GInnifer laughed, said, “Awww” and then added a “Hi, mom!” in for good measure.

I was about to leave when Julee burst over and blurted out to Ginnifer that I’d been dying for a kiss from Snow White for days, and would she mind giving me one.

To be honest, I was half laughing and half turning bright red at this point. Not having a clue how Ginnifer reacted, I didn’t expect what followed. She laughed, said, “Well, I am married, so it’ll have to be on the cheek.” She then put out her arms, grabbed my face and planted a big smooch right on my cheek.

It may’ve been a soundtrack somewhere, but I’m pretty sure I saw and heard little blue birds spinning around my head for a few seconds.

My only regret is that we didn’t snap a photo of the kiss. I did, however, have Julee quickly take a photo of my cheek! And, of course, I immediately signed her on as my blogging agent.

Yep, right there is where Snow White herself gave me a peck on the cheek.

Anyways, that’s how I landed a kiss from a Disney Princess. (And if you don’t believe me, you can read Julee’s account of the whirlwind fairy tale moment!)

As for the interview itself, Ginnifer was a total pleasure. She’s as sugary sweet in person as she is on TV. She’s a huge Disney fan and, well it may sound cheesy or cliche, but she literally seems like a Disney character brought to life.

Excited to talk to everyone and completely ecstatic to be voicing a Disney animated film, Ginnifer didn’t hold back with her answers. As she munched on a granola bar (what, no apple?), she answered all our questions about being a mom, having pets and ooking like a monkey.

Take a gander at some of the highlights from our fairy-filled time together:

On Voice Acting:

“Oh my Gosh, this was on the job training.  I was completely unaware where I signed on it was gonna be so completely different. I didn’t realize until I was doing it how much I control myself when I’m doing on camera work.  I can rely on the blink of an eye literally to express something. Suddenly, to have a project where I was relying solely on my voice, was really, really challenging.”

Photo: Disney

On the emotional ending:

“Every time I read the script, I cried my eyes out.  Every time we recorded it, I cried my eyes out. I’ve never had a problem being emotional.

On her Disney/Fairy knowledge:

“I’m a Disneyphile.  I don’t know if that’s a word, it is now.  I’m a Disneyphile and this to me was the pinnacle.  I just always wanted to voice animated features for Disney.  And I was familiar with the franchise.  I hadn’t seen all the movies, but I ripped through them when I got the role.”

Photo: Disney

On making animal noises:

“The most fun I had was probably the animal noises scene just because it was so out of my wheelhouse.  I was studying You Tube Videos trying to learn different Animals.  Sometimes, they had a list of  noises to try. There were these monkeys that had been at the zoo. It’s the only animal noise I make. My sister and I grew up emulating the monkeys at the Memphis Zoo and that became the sort of climax animal of that scene which ended up being fun. But other noises were difficult like how do you make an Elephant trumpeting his trunk? And I’m a terrible growler and howler.

Photo: Disney

On owning pets:

“I’ve had everything under the sun.  I had Hermit Crabs named Romeo and Juliet.  And they smelled really bad.  I’ve had Guinea Pigs and Hamsters and Gerbils. Every kind of Fish and Dogs, Cats. I was raised going to my Grandmother’s farm all the time and we had Pet Roosters and Miniature Horses and Goats and everything. Now I just have one cat because we live in a tiny Apartment in Vancouver.”

Photo: Disney

On being pregnant during voice recording:

” I was pregnant for a couple of sessions and I was told by my Doctor I had to get off my feet. They offered to postpone recording but I really wanted to do it so they were like, “Oh, we got something great.  We got something great.”.

We go in a Recording Booth and they’ve set me up in a bed in the Recording Booth and it’s covered in Disney stuffed animals.  I got to record lying down with Disney stuffed animals for a couple of sessions and that was so good.”

On her favorite TinkerBell movie:

“Recently,  I was asked about my favorite Disney Princess movie and I was thinking that no one wanted to hear me talk about Snow White anymore. So I said “Beauty and the Beast” and you know, poop hit the fan.  So, I’m gonna say it is TinkerBell and Legend of the Neverbeast.

Once upon a time… Ginnifer Goodwin posed with a group of awesome bloggers. Photo: Disney

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  1. What a great interview! I love that you got your kiss!!! How nice to have a bed set up in the recording studio plus with disney plush – too cute!

  2. I really like Gennifer Goodwin-she is such a good actress and so pretty! How awesome that you were able to land a kiss from her. Very interesting that she was in bed for some of the recording of the voices and nice to know that she is an animal lover like me!


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