Disney’s Cruella Deserves Best in Show

Cruella Best in Show

What Wicked did for that witch from the west, Cruella achieves for Disney’s puppy-loathing villainess. Hitting theaters and Disney+ with Premier Access on Friday, May 28, Disney’s latest live-action film offers up the secret origin of 101 Dalmations’ baddest baddie. The Story of Cruella de Vil Set in 1970s London during the punk rock revolution, Cruella tells the story about the rebellious early days of Disney’s most notorious (and most fashionable) villainess, Cruella de Vil. …

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Bryce Dallas Howard Gives Us All a Father’s Day Gift

Bryce Dallas Howard

Bryce Dallas Howard schooled us all. The impossible-not-to-like actress got her dad the ultimate Father’s Day Gift: Dads, her own film hitting Apple TV+ on June 19. Making her directorial debut, Bryce put together the heartwarming and hilarious documentary to truly celebrate all that is fatherhood. The core of the film centers around six very different fathers from around the world sharing their stories about being a dad. From dirty diapers to heart-wrenching moments of …

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This Geeky Dad’s Thoughts on 42 Years of Star Wars Memories

Star Wars memories

I don’t remember where I was when the first Star Wars movie came out. Yes, it’s now called Episode IV: A New Hope, but back in the day, we all just called it “Star Wars.” I was 5 years old and loved the movie, from what I understood at the time. Flash forward to the summer of 1980, the beginning of the greatest decade known to man. The Empire Strikes Back completely blew my mind. …

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The Correct Order for Viewing All the Star Wars Movies


I can’t believe it’s here. The end of the Skywalker Saga. Yep, with the release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, the 42-year-old story has come to an end. No worries, there are zero spoilers in this post. I am absolutely loving the Star Wars references anywhere and everywhere I look. Clothes. Toys. Cereal. Even car commercials are getting in on it! The Force is definitely strong with the mainstream these days. Yet the …

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The Star Wars Episode IX Trailer Brings My Childhood Full Circle

Star Wars Celebration is going on right now in Chicago and The Force is stronger than ever. That’s because Disney has dropped the name of the final “original” trilogy film… Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker. They even announced a release date of December 20. Oh, and they also surprised the world with a little teaser trailer. Gah! Cover your keyboard to protect it from the drool and take a gander! Did …

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