Chester Cheetah Sent Me the Coolest Thank You Note Ever

Not sure how anyone wouldn’t enjoy eating Cheetos. They were part of my all-time favorite sandwich in college.

I’ll have to post a full-on recipe one of these days but when you’re in a dorm with limited resources, you improvise. So I’d take two pieces of Wonder Bread, slap on loads of Philadelphia cream cheese and then pour a pile of Cheetos on top. Close the sandwich and dive in! Go ahead and try it if you don’t believe me. Nutritious and delicious!

Anyways, I recently entered a Cheetos Art Contest and sadly didn’t win. The Grand Prize was a trip to the next Dad 2.0 Summit, which would’ve been pretty darn cool. I’ve met a handful of mommy bloggers out there but nary a daddy blogger.

Now while I didn’t win, I was actually pretty surprised to receive the following Thank You package from my new best bud, Chester Cheetah!

 Cheetos Prizes

Chester tossed in a great Cheetos T-shirt, a Chester Cheetah stuffed animal, and a really nice Thank You note too!

Thank You

And no, those aren’t real Cheetos crumbs on the edges of the thank you note. That’s how the paper actually looks.


So thank you, Chester, for the thank you goodies! Feel free to continue sending boxes of Cheetos (Particularly Cheese Balls).

9 thoughts on “Chester Cheetah Sent Me the Coolest Thank You Note Ever”

  1. Hi! Nice to meet you. I was navigating through internet and I found this page… I’m from Guatemala and I love Chester cheetah. So the point is of someday you wanna sell your Chester plush, please contact me, I’d love to have a Chester plush…. So hope you do… Blessings and nice posts!!!

  2. That is so nice! I love companies that reach out to the community and host contests and rewards people for participating. And thank you for sharing that the crumbs were part of the stationary. That’s awesome stationary:) Not gonna lie, I would want some.


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