Twinkies Have Returned From the Grave and They’re the Tastiest Zombie Cakes Ever

The Sweetest Comeback Ever

Like the rest of the unhealthy US of A, I was devastated when I heard that Hostess filed for bankruptcy. Twinkies. Cup Cakes. Suzy Qs. These were one of the four food groups I grew up on!

Now I wasn’t one of those folks to spend $250 on eBay for a box of Twinkies. Even I’ll admit that’s a bit much. Granted, that could be invaluable in the face of a Zombie Apocalypse. But as I haven’t seen any Walkers lately, I feel pretty confident in my choice.

But now, Hostess is saved. God Bless Capitalism, as another company has purchased Hostess and a number of its plants, recipes, etc. I don’t know (nor care) about the specifics of the deal. All I know is that in record time, Twinkies are back on shelves!

Allie was hitting ShopRite yesterday to pick up some groceries, so I ordered her (and by “order” I mean grovelled and begged) to pick up a box of Twinkies. We’d heard that Walmart was getting a huge shipment this week, and they’re right next door to ShopRite. So I crossed my fingers and waited patiently impatiently.

Days later, or maybe just an hour or so, my lovely wife returned from shopping. She had bags and bags of groceries. Bananas. Yogurt. (Go, Chobani!). Cereal. Milk. But then she looked at me and said, “I’m sorry, honey. But Walmart sold OUT of Twinkies by 7:30 a.m.!”

Wowzers. You’d think Twinkies were the new iPhone or something. Dejected, I thanked her for trying and proceeded to pout like the grown man I am.

“But I didn’t go to Walmart… I went to ShopRite,” said my amazing and gorgeous wife as she proceeded to pull out a box of Twinkies! If that doesn’t win “Best Wife of the Year” Award, I honestly don’t know what should.

The real test, though, was in how they tasted. Did Hostess lose a step in quality when it switched owners? Let’s find out!

The Twinkie Returns!

I never thought I’d be holding another sponge-filled snack cake in my hands again!

First Bite

The first cut is the deepest? Yeah, well the first bite is the sweetest!

Cream Filled Goodness

Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom.


Yes, Twinkies are back and they taste as processedly awesome as they always have. Now I just need to stop myself from eating an entire box in one sitting. And hey, Hostess, if you’re looking for any Blog Ambassadors, I gladly toss my stomach into the ring!

What’s your favorite Hostess product?

25 thoughts on “Twinkies Have Returned From the Grave and They’re the Tastiest Zombie Cakes Ever”

  1. I was so happy to hear about the resurrection of Hostess snacks. As far as my favorite Hostess product I think it’s a tie between Twinkies and Cupcakes, they both have that delicious cream on the inside, yummy!!

  2. Are they the ones that make that chocolate cupcake with the white squiggle on top? Because I like those. Twinkies were never a favorite, although when they went out of business last year, that was around the same time I was doing my race. And on the way to the race in Orlando, we stopped at a gas station so everyone could pee. And when in there my husband found Twinkies and bought a pack for him and me. Which was very zombie-appropriate because they make such a big deal of them in ZombieLand.

  3. I love twinkies too! Who doesn’t right? So glad they are back. Loved the description of “processedly awesome”.

  4. Awww, what a sweet wife you have and from the look on your face, you enjoyed it and was thrilled. So glad they’re back…love them!

  5. YOU havve a way of making eating a twinkie look fun. I used to eat them way long years ago, but now that I eat gluten free, I am also twinkie free.

  6. Do you know why Captain America is a super hero? Because of Twinkies. I would go into detail, but the inner workings of Steven Rogers’ digestive track are top secret. ….I was never here….

    • Now you’ve got me remembering those awesome Hostess comic book ads where Cap would be about to be crushed by some thugs, and suddenly find some Twinkies to distract them and win!

  7. I have to say, I love Twinkies! I am right there with you! But I didn’t buy a box. My weirdo kids think they are gross. I can’t have that whole box in the house lol

  8. I feel like going out of business was the best decision they ever made…LOL. I remember last year there were people panicking in my local store and buying up all the Twinkies, and now people will rush out to buy even more now that they are back.

  9. I like their fat free Twinkies, their more dense and don’t crumble as much as the regular Twinkies. I also like the cupcakes. I have to remove the frosting and eat that last.


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