Finally Geeks Have a Legitimate Excuse for Working Out

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I used to workout a lot. Well, at least a few times a week, that is. I actually had a trainer (Go, Dave!) and did weight training with him twice a week, and then a few times on my own at home.

Shockingly, I loved it.

Why shockingly? Well, for the better part of my life, I was a… well, a geek. I know, I know. You find that incredibly hard to believe but it’s true!

I grew up reading, breathing and drooling all over my comic books. I still own two long boxes of comics and can still tell you what was on the cover of any Captain America issue from #100 through #300. (Issue #241 was a sick Punisher cover by Frank Miller! Cap #286 is one of my favorites with Deathlok by Mike Zeck.)

Anyways, like most geeks, I just sat in the corner eating paste and reading comic books. No, no. That’s a ridiculous stereotype. Paste is disgusting. Twinkies and Fritos are so much better.

Well, for the most part, the only exercise us comic geeks would get, would be when we lugged around our huge collection of comics. Sure there are a few exceptions (like my trainer Dave) where some comic-loving folks are also pretty built. But for the most part, us geeks save the exercise for our Nintendo Thumbs.

Under Armour

But now thanks to Under Armour, we finally have a reason to exercise. There’s finally a way for us to geek out while we work out. It’s a new line of compression T-shirts called “Alter Ego Baselayer,” and they are nothing short of heroic.

Put one of these on and the compression shirt is ultra tight but somehow makes you feel like you can go punch a hole in concrete or toss your neighbor’s car across the street. It sounds silly, but just wearing one of these instantly puts you in a superhero-type mode, where you’re ready to pump some iron or run a few hundred miles.

But they don’t just feel good, they look so darn cool too, don’t they? Take a look at a few of these Marvel and DC Comics themed shirts.


Iron Man Compression Shirt

Iron Man Compression Shirt

Granted, this guy isn’t as ripped as I am, but you can still see how superhero-like he appears in Shell-Head’s “armor.”


Spider-Man Compression Shirt

Spider-Man Alter Ego

And you thought Spidey only had web shooters. Bet you didn’t know he was packing guns too, huh?

Batman Compression Shirt


I used to have a plain Batman T-shirt like this that I wore in, geez, high school I believe. I had it up until a few years ago in fact when it finally ripped to shreds. You really just can’t beat the straight-up Bat Symbol on a T-shirt can you?

Superman Compression Shirt

Purple Man of Steel

Right there. That shirt. A purple T-shirt with a black Superman logo on it. No way that should look cool at all. Not one bit. But it does! How sick does that look? In fact there are 9 different color combos for this shirt and they all are crazy bright and awesome.

I’m so not a Superman fan, but even I’d wear any of those Superman compression shirts. I can’t wait to get 100% healthy from this pneumonia so I can get back to exercising and getting my hero on!

From Under Armour:


UA Compression gives your muscles that extra boost they need when you’re working hard. But you know what else it does? It makes you feel damn near invincible. It turns you into exactly what you want to be, every time you workout or compete. This is Under Armour® Alter Ego: the baselayer built for heroic performance.


  • COMPRESSION: This ultra-tight, second-skin fit delivers a locked-in feel that keeps your muscles fresh & your recovery time fast.
  • Smooth, light HeatGear® Sonic fabric provides extreme comfort and compression without restriction
  • 4-Way Stretch fabrication allows greater mobility and maintains shape
  • Signature Moisture Transport System wicks sweat away from the body
  • Anti-Odor technology prevents the growth of odor causing microbes
  • Smooth, chafe-free flatlock seam construction


Alter Ego Baselayer

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7 thoughts on “Finally Geeks Have a Legitimate Excuse for Working Out”

  1. A compression shirt – interesting! I can see how it would be motivating. Although the dude in the pix looks like he’d be pretty fine without the shirt, too! : D

  2. These are hilarious! My hubby would never wear this to the gym but I am sure some men would. The Superman shirt should be red/blue not purple…????

  3. I just love these shirts! I had no idea about compression and weight lifting. Shows you how much I DON’T work out 😉


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