Billy Joel’s 100th Performance at Madison Square Garden

Billy Joel Madison Square Garden

Seeing Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden is something that’s always been on my bucket list. My wife Allison’s too. So when our 20th wedding anniversary crept up on me last month, I figured it was time. I surprised Allie with tickets to Billy Joel at MSG with some pretty sweet seats. Now, I rarely go to concerts. It just isn’t my thing. Same with Allie. But this was Billy Joel. The Piano Man. I …

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To Counter All the Hate, Here’s 101 Things I Truly Love

There’s a lot of hate going on in the world these days. I’m not going to start talking politics here at all, nor am I blindly ignoring the reasons behind all this hate. Instead, however, I’m preaching love. Love. Compassion. Caring. You can do all of that while still disagreeing with one another on things. That said, I’m doing my part to spread as much positive vibes as I can these days. I know it’s …

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Jesse Snider Wants to Save the World One Song (and Comic Book) at a Time

If Jesse Snider is an accurate representation of today’s Renaissance Man, then the future’s in very good hands indeed. The 33-year-old singer certainly has a lot to say and he doesn’t care how you listen, as long as you do listen. Recently, Jesse put the bulk of his music library (many tunes previously unreleased) up on Reverbnation for anyone to hear at no cost whatsoever. Currently, his channel hosts 33 professional tracks, including the bluesy-rockin’ “Promised …

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Let Your Kids Rock Out Safely with Rhapsody KIDS, Plus a $300 Target Gift Card Giveaway

  I still remember the first music CD I ever purchased. It was Dokken’s “Back for the Attack.” And it rocked. (Still does!) Going back even further, though, the very first album I ever purchased in my life (and it was on something called an “audio cassette.” Go look it up, kids.) was the Police’s “Synchronicity.” Yeah, I was always into music as a kid and there was more than one occasion where my dad’d …

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This Summer Rocks With Pringles® Summer Jam


Many thanks to Pringles® for sponsoring this post, so I can share my musical thoughts with you and talk about having a rockin’ summer! Air guitar is pretty cool. Having a great singing voice is killer. But drums? Yeah, nothing beats ’em. (Sorry, pun actually not intended!) The coolest thing about drums? Easily the drumsticks. Specifically twirling them. Back in high school, I remember wasting hours and hours of class time just trying to twirl …

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