Billy Joel’s 100th Performance at Madison Square Garden

Billy Joel Madison Square Garden

Seeing Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden is something that’s always been on my bucket list. My wife Allison’s too. So when our 20th wedding anniversary crept up on me last month, I figured it was time. I surprised Allie with tickets to Billy Joel at MSG with some pretty sweet seats. Now, I rarely go to concerts. It just isn’t my thing. Same with Allie. But this was Billy Joel. The Piano Man. I …

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Win Billy Joel’s New CD She’s Got A Way: Love Songs (Ends 2/26)

When it comes to music, I’ve got a pretty varied taste. Granted, the past decade or so I’ve been way out of touch. I’ll blame having kids on that one. But my CD collection includes everything from Iron Maiden to Billy Joel to the Dances With Wolves soundtrack. I pretty much listen to all types except for Rap and Opera. Though I’d be curious to see a Rap Opera one of these days… Anyways, I …

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