I’m Building My Own Lego Simpsons Army


LEGO Simpsons minifigs of Itchy and Scratchy

I love the Simpsons. And I love Lego. So even if you’re pretty poor in Math, you should be able to put an equation together that shows how much I love the Simpsons Lego figures.

Legos are always going to be top notch when it comes to quality and detail in construction toys, and the new Lego Simpsons line is no exception. While I’m still waiting for the Lego Fairy to deliver me a Simpsons House, I did manage to get my hands on a handful of the blind-packaged Simpsons minifigs!


For just a few bucks (roughly $3.99 a bag), you can get your grubby paws on a bag. Now, there are 16 figures in total, at least in this first wave. I really hope they make a few dozen waves to cover every possible character from the show.

Surprisingly I’ve only gotten about two doubles so far, which I don’t even mind, because I can give those figures to the kids. Yes, I’m selfish. These minifigs are for ME, not my kids.

Ryan helped me take photos of all my figures so far, so you can get a real up close and personal look at these mini works of entertaining art!

I was super excited that I scored all 5 Simpsons Family members, plus Grandpa Simpson! That’s the whole clan! At least what’s available now. (Hopefully they’ll offer Patty and Selma and long-lost brother Herb in future sets!)


Take a closer look at American’s Finest Four-Fingered (though not in Lego form) Family:

Lego Homer Simpson


Lego Marge Simpson




 Lego Bart Simpson


 Lego Lisa and Maggie Simpson


Lego Grandpa Simpson


Outside the Lego Simpson Family, I got a few of my other favorite characters. Who doesn’t love Apu (Thankyoucomeagainnnn!) and of course the ever-vigilant Chief Wiggum? Take ’em away, boys!


Lego Apu


Lego Chief Wiggum


Lego Itchy and Scratchy


Currently these little buggers are all sitting on my desk at home, keeping me company while I blog away for all you guys. At night, however, I have a feeling they get out and have some fun. Don’t believe me? I set up a security cam the other night and snapped these crazy photos!

Does Maggie have a clone?!? 


Is this why Itchy’s always winning? 


 Is the world ready for a ‘Bart to the Future’ film?



Head to your local Lego Store or Toy Store to pick up these super awesometastic Lego Simpsons Minifigs! Here’s a look at the full roster from Series 1!



Buy the Simpsons online at the Lego Shop

3 thoughts on “I’m Building My Own Lego Simpsons Army”

  1. okay,,thats funny,,you feel up the bags?? mmmm,,so you don’t know whats inside until you open them,,thus the feel up?? im afraid my oldest would like these too much,,so im not going to mention them to him,,he will turn 40 this year and has a clean record,,don’t want him arrested for “feeling up a product”lmao

  2. We have Wiggum, Bart, Itchy and Scratchy. Hmmmm… I tried to get the boys to trade for the grandpa and Burns, it didn’t happen. Oh we have Krusty the Clown. Are you ordering these or feeling up bags? Some people are good at feeling bags to know what’s inside, my husband is one of them. I suck at it. Lol. But for Itchy and Scratchy I had two Legoland employees help. No guarantee they are always right, but they’ve only failed me once out of the many many many times I’ve asked for help when my husband wasn’t around.


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