The Force is Strong in These Star Wars Crocs

Star Wars Crocs

When I was a kid, we didn’t have much choice when it came to buying shoes. I didn’t get any characters or flashing lights on my sneakers. Uh uh. The biggest choice I had was whether to go with blue or red stripes.

These days, however, forget about it. Kids footwear features every character you can imagine and they can do just about everything except fly. We didn’t have Crocs back then but I would’ve loved them. No laces to tie? No velcro to get stuck on every piece of fabric it comes in contact with? Sign me up!

My kids love Crocs and for some reason like to wear socks with them. I know, I know. Next to not wearing white after Labor Day, socks and Crocs is one of the biggest faux paus. A fashion-conscious family we’re not.

We are, however, a geek-powered family! And to say that the new line of Star Wars Crocs are “out of this world” is, yeah, cheesy but so on target.

Apparently there are five different types available right now: Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, R2D2, Jedi and Yoda.

I was sent a pair of the R2-D2 Crocs for Ryan to road test. Apparently these are more powerful than even I realized.

Here’s two very important Star Wars lessons for you: “Always let the Wookiee win” and “Never interrupt a Jedi in training.”

Star Wars Crocs

Ryan took to the Artoo Crocs like a Sith Lord takes to the Dark Side! They’re as comfy as his regular crocs and he even wore them without… gasp… socks!

Since he already has a fairly new pair of crocs, these R2D2 ones are perfect for him to take to camp and use as his pool shoes.

Star Wars Crocs

How adorable is the sole that looks just like an R2 unit?


I just love the Star Wars logo on the heel strap.

Star Wars Crocs

You can see the theme carries through on every single side.

Star Wars Crocs

Kids’ Crocband Star Wars R2D2 Clog
Everyone’s favorite droid is ready for the next adventure. Have fun with this special-edition Star Wars™ clog featuring R2D2™ and a glow-in-the-dark bottom band.
Kids’ Crocband™ Star Wars™ R2D2™ Clog details:
• Bottom band features glow-in-the-dark elements
• Includes permanently attached R2D2™ Jibbitz™ charm
• Croslite™ material for all the cushion and comfort kids love
• Bold Star Wars™ logo heel strap

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