Those Magical Steps — Choosing a Baby Walker


All parents love to be there for the magical moment of a child uttering their first words. They also want to be there when the child take its first steps. Baby walkers have long been a popular item with parents of babies who are on the verge of walking.

You may remember the original version being a little wooden trolley filled with building blocks. Things have changed over the years, and modern walkers come with a wide range of features and price tags.

But what should you consider when purchasing a baby walker for your tot? The first thing to bear in mind is price — there is a large price range, so you need to find one within your budget. Secondly, consider practicality — think of the amount of space that you have in your house, and the layout.

Next, you should take your child’s height and weight into account since some push-along walkers may be too big for smaller children. You child must also be comfortable. Lastly, and possibly most importantly, bear in mind your child’s ability (be honest now!) and, ultimately, what you want from a walker. Do you want to encourage your child to walk, and want a walker to help them along the way, or are you just hoping for a toy which can offer a new dimension to playtime?

Below are details of some of the best baby walkers on the market to aid your decision:

Chicco Baby Steps Walker

This push-along walker is a chirpy little number, and it’s not just about helping the child to learn to walk. There’s a stop/start melody system that will lift the child’s spirits while they’re taking those first steps and gurgling away. We all know kids laugh as they walk or run. They love the motion.

VTech First Steps

This is one of the most budget-friendly baby walkers on the market as well as one of the most popular. It has an interactive panel on the front, with lights and sounds, which can also be removed and used as a separate toy. It is a push-along walker, which many experts suggest are much better for children than sit-in walkers.

Fisher Price Stroll Along

Here we have another push-along walker that’s easy on the purse and wallet. The design is similar to a pushchair, so the child can walk around and not have to leave dolly at home (and you escape the tantrums that would have erupted from it)!

Bruin Play and Ride Walker

This model is a little more expensive but is, essentially, two toys in one (now that explains it!). It starts off as a push-along walker, which can then be converted into a ride-on toy as your child grows.

Wonderland Wooden Giraffe Walker

There’s not a kid alive who doesn’t like a giraffe, even it’s a baby walker. This traditionally styled walker, designed to look like a giraffe, has a shape sorter for additional play. For that extra touch of safety, it also has a brake function.

When your toddler progresses from all fours to their own two feet, these are the walkers you’ll want to help them to do it. Remember to keep your camera handy too. You’ll want to catch those first steps as well as experience them!

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