Calling All New Parents – BlueSmart Mia Eases First-Time Frights

BlueSmart mia

Before Jason was born, I never knew true terror. Sure I’d been scared plenty of times before. Up at bat in Little League with a 3-2 count and the game on the line. Taking a college final exam for a class I barely even attended. Asking Allie to marry me. Scared? Yes. But nothing, nothing will get your heart pounding more than being a new parent. Go on and read every parenting book ever written. Speak …

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Those Magical Steps — Choosing a Baby Walker

All parents love to be there for the magical moment of a child uttering their first words. They also want to be there when the child take its first steps. Baby walkers have long been a popular item with parents of babies who are on the verge of walking. You may remember the original version being a little wooden trolley filled with building blocks. Things have changed over the years, and modern walkers come with a …

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Childproofing the House Isn’t As Hard As You Think

This post was submitted and made in collaboration with Dorel. Whether or not you have’ve a baby before, expecting a child is always a thrilling experience. From the moment the mum shows signs of pregnancy to finally seeing results of your first ultrasound, you’ll be sure to experience great happiness over the wonderful news. However, expecting a baby can also result in some feelings of apprehension—especially for first-time parents. To be as prepared as possible, …

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