My Playlist or I Wanna Rock (blog hop)

Apparently Trisha over at has caught the blog hop bug because she’s at it again. Or is it a blog carnival? I can’t really keep it straight. All I know is that the poor woman desparately needs a new iPhone since her current one is cracked beyond belief.

The latest Blog Carnival is a blog post showing off the playlists on your computer or iPod or whatever MP3 player you use. I’ve got my tunes on my iPhone, along with synched up iTunes on all my computers. I’ve got a few computers at home (laptop and desktop) and another at the office. Thanks to my friend Brian, I purchased iTunes Match and was easily able to synch up my music on every single computer, as well as my iPhone. So now I have instant access to my library no matter where I am.

So what kind of music do I listen to? Pretty much a big variety. I used to say I listen to anything but Rap and Opera. I’ve got boxes of old CDs in my basement and you’ll find everything from classical music (Dvorak!)  to movie soundtracks to ’80s hairbands to ’90s grunge and loads of others in between. My favorite bands of all time would probably be Twisted Sister, Queensryche, and the Counting Crows. I love Peter Gabriel’s Solsbury Hill and the Beatles’ Eleanor Rigby tugs at my heartstrings every single time I hear it.

I have way too many songs in my library, so I just thought I’d take a few separate snapshots to show off various bands and songs in my playlist.




If you’d like to participate in this Blog Carnival, write your own post showing off your playlist, then head over to Trisha’s Playlist and add yours to the list!

Who are your favorite bands?

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