Celebrating Mom’s Big Birthday with One Goofy Cake

This weekend we went upstate to visit my parents and celebrate my mom’s birthday. This Tuesday, she turns the big 7-0, though she certainly doesn’t look it. Come to think of it, she certainly doesn’t act it either.

How many of you have a senior citizen mother who watches Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Doctor Who and even the Lord of the Rings movies? She’s always loved dogs (especially Shih-Tzus), British mysteries, and tea. And the one other big constant in her life since I’ve known her (which I guess would pretty much be my entire life) is that she loves Disney. In particular, she is an enormous fan of Goofy.

Take a visit to her house and besides getting a plate of Magic Cookie Bars, you’ll catch dozens upon dozens of Goofy items around the house. Sure, there’s the T-shirts, sweatshirts and mugs. There’s the figures, the musical giant PEZ dispenser and the gumball bowling machine. There’s even a Goofy back scratcher and teapot.

Just 1 small Goofy shelf in the breakfront.
Just one very small Goofy shelf in the breakfront. That’s a salt & pepper shaker on the left.

Since my mom was having such a big birthday, Allie decided to make her a very special birthday cake. I didn’t think she’d ever be able to top my 40th Birthday Fozzie Bear Cake, but I think this one comes darn close. Yep, she went and made a Goofy cake! And personally, I think it came out pretty darn amazing.

Goofy Cake Disney

Allie made this one without any mold at all. She simply piped it freehand. And as usual, none of that lame, inedible fondant was used. Uh uh. This cake is 100% edible and delicious. Note the blue and brown layer of frosting on the background. My mom’s a big chocolate fan, while Allie and the kids fall on the vanilla side. So this was a pretty good compromise, and actually offered everyone a taste of both delectable worlds.

But how did the Birthday Girl like her cake? Let’s take a look!


Yep, it was the exact level of GASP! that I expected from her, followed by some delightful giggles. Her first words were, “This is too beautiful to eat!”


Like a Vince Lombardi Trophy, we all had to get in line to snap photos of us with the Birthday Girl and her Goofy Cake. First up is me, Allie and mom. This photo’s especially meaningful because in 90% of photos taken of her, my mom has her eyes closed. True story!


A family portrait followed with me and my sister Beth joining mom and dad.


We ended up eating probably half the cake I’d say, doing a good job of eating around Goofy as much as we could.

I don’t have any shots of Jason and Ryan devouring the cake, but I’d lose my Parenting License if I didn’t share any my-kids-are-so-adorable photos with you in this post, so here ya go:

Jason Nintendo 3DS
There was at least 5 minutes this weekend where Jason wasn’t holding his 3Ds.
Ryan smiling
There was at least 5 minutes this weekend where Ryan stopped being a hilarious Mr. Chatterbox.

It was a really fun weekend all around and I just wanted to thank Allie once again for putting in all that effort for my mom’s birthday cake! Happy early birthday to you, mom! Hope there’s still some Goofy cake left for you to enjoy on your actual birthday this Tuesday!

Goofy Disney cake

43 thoughts on “Celebrating Mom’s Big Birthday with One Goofy Cake”

  1. Wow!!! That cake looks amazing, and she piped it freehand. It looks delicious, thank you for sharing. Happy belated birthday to Ellen.

  2. Such an amazing cake! Goofy means a lot to my family as well, it’s really cute to see the same for someone else’s! Adorable pictures, thank you for sharing!

  3. Your mom sounds like an awesome lady! I love that she has all kinds of Goofy stuff that she likes to collect….and the cake was perfect!

  4. Your mom sounds really cool. I hope she had a great birthday, and you should ask if she’s watched any of the Foyle’s War series. It’s a British mystery series about a detective during World War II. I love it.

  5. My 88 year old mother would love this goofy cake and party. She would also laugh her head off. My favorite Disney character is Mickey and I have a cake pan to prove it. Wow, free hand. She really did a good job, this cake looks awesome, Happy Birthday to your mom!

  6. I’m in awe at her artistic abilities! Mine wouldn’t even resemble Goofy if I had a template, much less free hand it. Awesome job! And a gorgeous family you have, Andrew!

  7. That cake does look too good to eat!
    Did you free hand Goofy or did you find a template?
    We have one last birthday coming up just after Christmas and that would be perfect!
    Love that your mom was excited to see her cake.
    How very special. ;0)

  8. Thanks so much for such a wonderful weekend. I just love it when we’re all together. Thanks Allie for my magnificent cake. We’re still enjoying eating and gazing at it.

  9. You have a GORGEOUS family, Andrew, all of them. And there’s no way your mom looks 70. She looks younger than I do! Too cool, that she likes Doctor Who. And the cake came out great!

  10. your mom looks awesome ,,an I love the cake,,we grandmas still are little kids at heart,,one of my grandsons ask me how old I was when I was born???? an one of my little granddaughters sat in my lap ,,hadn’t put the red color on my hair in a while an she goes Mamaw,,how comes you gots a white halo all around you head? an ran her little finger all around my scalp hair line,,,,,,,,,,,out of the mouths of babes

  11. What a fabulous way to celebrate you mom’s birthday. I’m sure she appreciated all the effort Allie put into making this beautiful cake. Also, it was a special treat having her whole family around to celebrate with her.


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