Blogger Spotlight: Sheila from Sheilacakes

Sheila’s always been a huge supporter of me and Mommy’s Busy, Go Ask Daddy. I can’t even remember when I first became aware of her blog, Sheilacakes, but I definitely remember replying to her Twitter account and finding myself laughing uncontrollably. Online, she’s outspoken, a riot, and a sweetheart to boot. In person, well, I’ve yet to meet Sheila but read on to learn the shocking truth! Plus, get the lowdown on the one thing that totally grosses this gal out!

Meet Sheila from Sheilacakes!

Sheila from Sheilacakes

Blogger: Sheila
Blog Name: Sheilacakes

What do you love most about blogging?
I love the relationships with other bloggers. I have met some of my best friends from blogging. I also love the perks from blogging too. I love being able to try out different things and visit new places.

What’s the worst part about blogging?
The worst part of blogging is when you have writer’s block and you have a lot to do and you are on a deadline. Sometimes the competition is awful too. Not really in my blogging circle but seeing others being catty and mean is upsetting to me. I believe there is room for everyone.

Why do you blog?
I blog because I love to write and I love trying out new products. It gives me the chance to work from home and still be there for my family. I have been able to do things I wouldn’t have been able to do or afford because of my blog.

Does your family read your blog? Ever get in trouble because of it?
My family has read on occasion. I think my dad is a regular reader. I have never gotten in trouble before because I am careful about what I share. I did review an app that I was afraid my dad was going to see. If he did, he never said anything. I mean I did it tastefully of course.

How has blogging affected your life?
It has affected my life tremendously. I have met a bunch of friends that I wouldn’t have met otherwise. My best friend is a blogger, I can’t imagine my life without her. She is awesome. It has also provided for my son through different opportunities. It has also helped me with my confidence and being more outgoing.

Have you met other bloggers in person? Is it awkward?
Yes I have met many bloggers in person. It can be awkward especially if you don’t know them too well. It is only awkward for a little bit though, as most of the bloggers I have met are really nice. I had one bad experience with rude ones though.

What’s the most embarrassing post you’ve ever written?
I don’t know that I have one. I wrote a post about throwing up all over a school bus in high school, but I am so over that now. I only write about things I don’t mind everyone knowing and I don’t tell people that aren’t really close to me anything I wouldn’t blog about. I guess if I had to pick something, I would say the three part series about relationships. That wasn’t really embarrassing, it was just hard to write and open myself up like that.

You’re a pretty outspoken person. Have you ever gone a bit too far in a blog post? Written anything a bit too controversial?
I am not really out spoken in real life, I am actually pretty shy. I am working on that though. I wrote about my thoughts on Welfare. I purposely closed the comments before posting because it seems to be a hot topic and I didn’t really want controversial conversation. I wanted to express my feelings about the topic without any feedback.

Why do you hate feet?
I don’t really know. I think they are dirty, ugly and smelly. It might have to do with the fact that I stepped on a needle when I was seven years old. I once dated a guy who was missing a toe. I didn’t know about it for months, shortly after I found out we stopped seeing each other. The only feet I like are my own and my son’s. I know I really love someone if I can put my feet on top of theirs and not freak out about it. That’s like the ultimate way to show I love and trust someone.



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10 thoughts on “Blogger Spotlight: Sheila from Sheilacakes”

  1. Hi Sheila, this is Gale from Pa. I was attracted to reading your bio due to your sense of humor and outspokenness. Is there really any better way to be? Once I reached the part about hating feet I knew we were a match made in Heaven. When my fiancee asks me to rub his feet i literally start to feel sick. Once in awhile I’ll break out the gloves to treat him, but only on rare occasions like his birthday 🙂 nice meeting you!

  2. Feet huh? My (not-so-secret) dislike is the philtrum. For some odd reason, I think it’s a really ugly part of the body, especially if it’s a long one. I think that one of the reasons I like Stephen King so much is that his philtrum is practically invisible.

  3. It’s really nice to get to know you Shelia. I’m a blogger to and can totally relate to your experiences as a blogger.

    BTW, I feel the same way about feet too, but mine are pretty ugly! LOL That might be why.


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