The Double Down Dog Proves KFC Chefs are Pure Geniuses


I need to go to the Philippines. Like now.

I don’t normally eat at KFC, but I’d actually brave the Snowpocalypse we’re currently in right now here in NY, just to try this new morsel of deliciousness! Yes, KFC Philippines now sells a Double Down Dog. It’s a hot dog, with cheese inside a… wait for it… fried chicken bun.  For realsies!

Not only is this genius of a recipe only available in the Philippines, but they’re limiting them to only 50 per store! They keep fans updated via Facebook and Twitter posts too.


Now why KFCs in the Philippines are the only ones to enjoy this mouth-watering meal is beyond me. This is America. Hot dogs, apple pie and all that. Why, that’s half the Double Down Dog right there!

Sure you know I’m totally going to try making this at home, except I have no idea how to make a fried chicken hot dog bun! So I throw myself on the mercy of the food court. I beg Colonel Sanders’ Army to give serious thought to adding this to KFC menus nationwide here in the good ol’ US of A!


I mean, seriously, how can this NOT be the tastiest thing you ever put in your mouth?

Would you try the KFC Double Down Dog?

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