I’ve Got Pac-Man Mug Fever

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I haven’t had Pac-Man Fever since, geez, elementary school I guess. You kids today are probably way too young to remember Buckner and Garcia’s classic Pac-Man Fever tune. But it was driving us all crazy and we loved it!

This year, for Father’s Day, Allie and the boys got me the coolest mug a boy guy could ever ask for.

It’s a Pac-Man Heat-Change Mug. A what what now? It’s a Pac-Man mug, but it changes pictures when you add heat to it! Basically it starts as a nice black mug with the blue outline of a Pac-Man maze. No ghosts. No dots. No Pac-Man to be seen.

But slowly add hot water to it, and the game itself starts to appear until your mug is full and you see an awesome “screenshot” of Pac-Man in motion. There’s even extra lives and a cherry on top!

I also realized that the image is on both sides of the Pac-Man mug (yay for lefties!), yet it’s a different layout!

I filled my mug up with coffee via my Keurig, taking a few pics along the way to show the cool transformation!


The only downside is that it’s not dishwasher safe. A small price to pay for getting one of the coolest mugs ever! Trust me, when I drink out of this one, I definitely feel energized!

Pac-Man Heat Change Mug

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