For Father’s Day, Give Dad Time to Do These 5 Things

Father's Day Gift Ideas

This post is sponsored by Grand Central Publishing. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own and were not influenced by the company. I became a father when Jason was born (see what I did there? Jason Bourne fans will appreciate that!) more than 14 years ago. To say I had no idea what was coming next would be an understatement. No matter how many books you read, conversations you have or …

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Oh Those Golden Grahams Still Kickstart My Saturday Mornings

#GoldenGrahams Golden Grahams recipe

Funny thing. I’m so not a fan of graham crackers. S’mores? Yes. Regular Graham Crackers, no. However, I make some serious exceptions when you’re merely talking about Golden Grahams cereal. Anyone from my generation (read: old) definitely remembers cartoons only being on TV on Saturday mornings. Those were the true Glory Days. I’d grab my bowl of Golden Grahams, add milk and a spoon and plop myself down on the floor of the den, while …

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I’ve Got Pac-Man Mug Fever

I haven’t had Pac-Man Fever since, geez, elementary school I guess. You kids today are probably way too young to remember Buckner and Garcia’s classic Pac-Man Fever tune. But it was driving us all crazy and we loved it! This year, for Father’s Day, Allie and the boys got me the coolest mug a boy guy could ever ask for. It’s a Pac-Man Heat-Change Mug. A what what now? It’s a Pac-Man mug, but it changes pictures …

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Even Darth Vader Deserves a Father’s Day Present


Yeah, so he may’ve spread fear and death throughout the galaxy, destroyed millions of lives and chopped off his own son’s hand, all in the name of tyranny. Bad guy? Most definitely. Bad father? Well, that depends upon what part in the Star Wars Saga you’re talking about. Darth Vader may start out bad and get badder, but in the end, he manages to overcome everything and make the ultimate sacrifice for his son. And …

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Help Dad Protect His Family With a Father’s Day Gift of Home Security

Home Safety

June is National Safety Month! Not that you shouldn’t keep safe every month, but this is the time to really spread the word on keeping yourself and your family safe. Growing up, we never had a home security system. My parents still don’t have one. Yes, we did lock our doors, but that was about it. Times were so much simpler and safer back then. Nowadays, I just hear so many more horror stories about …

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