Lego Daily Bugle Review – It’s Better Than Awesome

This post contains affiliate links. My Holy Grail of Legos has always been the Lego Star Wars Death Star. My amazingly loving and generous wife crossed that one off my list a few birthdays ago and it was absolutely worth the wait. Sure, I’ve done plenty of Marvel and Star Wars Legos since then and they’ve all been great. But nothing, nothing filled with me pure everything-is-awesomeness like that Death Star. Until now… Meet the …

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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Swings Onto Blu-ray & DVD March 19


There have been loads of Spider-Man variations over the years. Not just different artists or costume changes, but different characters. Spider-Man 2099. Ultimate Spider-Man. Spider-Gwen. Spider-Ham. Ben Reilly. (Sorry, I had to go there.) With the recent release of Sony’s Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, mainstream America finally got to see them all too! If you missed it, no worries. The award-winning animated film hits digital download on February 26 and Blu-ray/DVD on March 19. I …

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I Almost Got Spider-Man’s Powers Except With An Ant

red and black ant

This weekend we notice something really odd. Outside our new house we saw this little guy crawling up the wall by the garage. Apparently it’s an ant. But is it a red ant with a black back part? Or a black ant with a red head? Anyone ever see a mixed-up ant like this? For some reason, his red and black coloring made me think of Spider-Man’s costume. So I wanted to grab the little …

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These Guys With Their Batman, Superman and Spider-Man Facial Hair are True Heroes

With all the recent posts about hair lately, you’d think I have some sort of fetish. But no, sorry. The only fetish I have is for superheroes. Uh, wait, that came out wrong. Thanks to my buddy Diana on Twitter, I became aware of a new breed of geekdom. One that doesn’t hide on a pair of boxers. Nor skulk among those long white comic-filled boxes in the dark of night. No, this breed wears …

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Spider-Man, My Kids and the Kissing Episode

Woman from Space Kisses Spider-Man

If you’ve been following my blog (and if you haven’t, why not?), you know that I recently discovered Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends on Netflix and I’ve been watching it with my kids regularly. It was easily my favorite cartoon as a kid and I just love watching it with my two boys now. But to this day, I don’t recall the infamous Spider-Man kiss. We just finished them all, but there was a big …

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