These Guys With Their Batman, Superman and Spider-Man Facial Hair are True Heroes

With all the recent posts about hair lately, you’d think I have some sort of fetish. But no, sorry. The only fetish I have is for superheroes. Uh, wait, that came out wrong.

Thanks to my buddy Diana on Twitter, I became aware of a new breed of geekdom. One that doesn’t hide on a pair of boxers. Nor skulk among those long white comic-filled boxes in the dark of night. No, this breed wears their geekdom front and center. 

I’m talking about facial hair. Beards and mustaches to be specific. These guys shaved their love of superheroes right into their own faces. How can you ever doubt their true Fanboy status?


Bat Symbol Mustache

Batman Moustache

Photo via Geekologie



Superman Symbol Beard

Superman Beard

Photo via Diana Adams of the awesometastic BitRebels


Spider-Man Symbol Beard

Spider-Man beard

Photo via

What’s the craziest beard you’ve ever seen?

4 thoughts on “These Guys With Their Batman, Superman and Spider-Man Facial Hair are True Heroes”

  1. ok,,,these men probably don’t have wives ,,I cant imagine any woman letting her man go out looking like that,,,,the spiderone is the worse,,ewwwwww,,,my husband has a mustache that he keeps trim an neat,,,ppl like this only want attention,,an this must be the only way they can get it

  2. Oh my, those are great! My husband’s best friend always has some kind of crazy facial hair going on. He was the best man at our wedding and had lightening bolts in his beard. It was really funny! 🙂


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