The Blog Post Where I Remove Hair From My Chest Using Bare for Men Waxing Strips


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I do a lot of things for my faithful readers. You may not realize the true sacrifices I make all in the name of blogging, but after reading this post, you’ll either have a newfound respect for me or you’ll be shutting this browser window so fast, you may break it! Yep, thanks to Bare for Men, Duane Reed and a grooming process we all call “waxing,” I have truly brought blogging to new heights. Or lows, depending on your view.

Let’s start by saying I have a hairy chest. Not super hairy like my former roommate Mike who could pass for a Grizzly Bear. But not a little bit hairy either. I guess you could say it’s just right. But my wife has always wanted me to shave it. Call it curiosity, a fetish or simply a turn-on. I never had an interest before. Until blogging that is.

I was recently offered the change to review a line of hair removal products called Bare for Men. And yes, they have a Hot Legs line for women too. Seeing this as a sign from the Hairless Chest Gods, I decided to throw caution into the wind and go for it. After all, these days it’s apparently #Cool2LookHot!

I work in Manhattan just one block from a Duane Reade, which is certainly convenient. I always thought Duane Reade was just a small pharmacy with some candy and notebooks. But apparently I’ve been missing out. This one near my office has an entire second floor chock full of personal products for your hair, skin, teeth, body, you name it.

So I picked up a pack of Bare for Men Cool Gel Wax Strips for me and a box of Hot Legs Total Body Wax Strips for Allie to try out.  There are 16 to a pack.

Allie gleefully volunteered to help me out both in taking photos and in ripping the hair from my body. Keep in mind that the camera adds like 10 pounds, and I think we had like 4 or 5 cameras on during this shoot…

Okay, let’s start with the patented Before photo…  And you can tell this is a real classy photoshoot by the big black bag of garbage in the background.

Before the waxing #shop #cbias

In the box are 8 packets and each packet gets pulled apart for a pair of sticky/waxy strips. Allie picked her spot and stuck it on, smoothing it out in all corners. Notice I’m still smiling at this point.

About to use Bare for Men wax strips #shop

One superquick yank later (and a big ol’ YELP from me) and gazillions of hair follicles are separated from my body. Just like that!

First Wax Strip removed #shop #cbias

Next up, Allie went the vertical route. I think she was trying to make a Pac-Man maze on my chest or something. Still smiling, though there’s a touch of nervous anticipation in there.

Ready for 2nd wax strip #shop #cbias

Toss in a diagonal pull from Allie and here’s where my chest currently stood.

Half waxed with Bare for Men #shop #cbias

In the end, we used up all 16 strips and got the bulk of my chest. We’d probably need another 16 to get my entire stomach and the little bit left by my shoulders. The scariest part of it all? Yes, you guessed it… the nipples!

I was scared to begin with before Allie attempted to rip off my nipple. But when she puts the strip on gently and tells me, “I don’t want your nipple to come off” as she quickly tears it, well, let’s just say I almost passed out. Almost.

Here’s how it all looked in the end:

Hairless chest #Cool2LookHot #shop

Did it hurt? I’ll be honest. It certainly didn’t tickle. And while the box says “painless,” I wouldn’t quite go that far. It basically felt like pulling off a bandaid super fast. And since I have never done this before in my life and I do have a decently hairy chest, then yes it hurt. But only for a split second on each part. The less hairy the area, the less it actually hurt.

Now, if you’re still reading at this point I give you serious credit. You’re a braver person than me! And for that, you deserve to be rewarded. So, here’s a short video of the Bare for Men strips doing their waxing thing.

CAUTION! Pregnant women, the elderly and those with weak heart conditions should consult their doctors before viewing the following:

Looks like fun, right?

To be fair, now that it’s a day later, I kind of like how it feels. I don’t think I’d ever actually use a razor to shave my chest, so I may have to keep this up. And I doubt it’d hurt even close to as much as the first time, since there’d be far less hair going forward.

Now it was Allie’s turn. She’s done it all: waxing, shaving, you name it. For this experiment, she wanted to get rid of the hair on her arms.

Here’s the Before photo:

Before waxing arm #shop

Barely skipping a beat, she ripped open a box of the Hot Legs Total Body Wax Strips, separated a packet and slapped it around her arm.

Ready for first wax with Hot Legs #shop

A super quick yank and… BAM, well, take a look.

After first Hot Legs Wax Strip Removed #shop #cbias

It only took her a few strips per arm, but Allie was really pleased with the results. Here’s a comparison after she finished one arm.

Comparing waxed arm to unwaxed arm #shop #cbias

She definitely liked how well these worked and said they were a lot more effective than things she’s tried in the past.

So there you have it. One hairy tale of a blog post where I bared my chest for you all. I’m not sure how many of you guys out there have shaved your chest or thought about it, but I definitely say it’s worth trying at least once in your life.

Look for Bare for Men and Hot Legs products at your local Duane Reade.

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Do you wax?

48 thoughts on “The Blog Post Where I Remove Hair From My Chest Using Bare for Men Waxing Strips”

  1. OMG! you have courage man. My wife did it to me once and i didn’t talk to her for whole week lol. Its very painful, You have guts man. Thumbs up!

  2. To be quite honest with you I found it amusing! Sorry, but us women have to shave, wax and whatever EVERYWHERE and now you have just a LITTLE taste of what we have to do to our brows, face (sometimes), underarms, legs, and bikini area (can you imagine – you probably wouldn’t want to try that would you?). So, yes, I found it a little humorous. 🙂

  3. Wow, I made it all the way through, and my sweetie pie is stuck with all my hairy gloriousness!
    Funny story though…I took the kids to the pool at the gym the other day.
    A little girl came over and started playing with us.
    After a while, she said “what’s that?”, point at my chest.
    What’s what, I asked back.
    All that hair…
    Well, you see, I’m a man, so I have hair. (Seemed like a good answer to me.
    Uh, my daddy doesn’t have hair…

    Sorry kid, I don’t have an answer. Where’d the boys swim off too??

  4. Kudos to you for even trying this!!! I recently tried some for my legs and quit after the second strip because I couldn’t take the pain. I hope your wife appreciated the gesture!

  5. I’m not sure what to say other than you’re certainly dedicated to your readers. I love my readers but I’m not sure if I’d ever go that far. Kudos to you. I think. 😉

  6. If you need some waxing tips, I can help lol. 😉 And yes, it doesn’t hurt as much as you keep doing it because the hair follicle gets smaller and the hair more thin.

  7. Ha ha, hilarious!
    My husband has a semi-hairy chest too, and I would love him to do this. But he won’t.

    A top tip when waxing is to quickly rip the sticky strip off, then place your hand firmly on the skin afterwards – it works great for easing any pain 🙂

    PS. future wakings will be so much less painful with less fuzz to work with. You’ll *almost* enjoy it!

  8. Love the video, I kept waiting for a little Steve Carrell a la The 40 Year Old Virgin, but good job maintaining composure! I tried waxing my legs once, not pleasant, but not horrible. The worst thing I ever did was an epilady (sp) man that thing hurt!

    • Heh. Billie, I actually watched that scene before writing this post up. I wanted to include the video, but yowza that’s like an NC-17 rating for that scene alone based on his sailor mouth!

  9. Just a suggestion, but for the nipples maybe you can put some of those little ribs bandaids, then put the strip, just a thought…

  10. Brave man! No offense but I’ll be SO glad when this “phase” is gone. Men are SUPPOSED to have hairy chests. *cough* Tom Selleck -> DROOL!!!

    They look like prepubescent boys without it.

    Excellent review, by the way, and thank you for the morning laugh. Not AT you, but your writing as well as the topic! 😀

  11. I’m sorry, I really don’t mean to but I can’t stop laughing and it’s only because I feel your pain. I grabbed some wax strips and did one section of my leg and let’s just say your scream was a whole lot more civilized than mine was. Then I pulled out my trust razor and finished the job peacefully.

  12. You are definitely brave! I have an appointment to get my armpits waxed for a wedding and have to admit I’m a tad scared. But if I survive that, maybe I’ll up the ante and go to the Screamin Peach (is that not the coolest name ever for a waxing salon that does Brazilians?)!

    • Hey, Kim! So great seeing you last week! And well, either I”m brave or a good husband (or maybe just stupid?). I don’t think I could’ve done my armpits though. Ouch. And Screamin Peach? Hah! Good luck!


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