I Need a Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite Refrigerator

Han Solo Fridge

Yes it’s a Han Solo Frozen in a Carbonite Fridge. No, it’s not real. Sadly. But maybe if Disney and GE team up, it could be in our future!

I first caught this one in my Facebook stream when my blogging buddy (and fellow Star Wars geek)  Marianna posted it. Apparently it’s a Photoshop (duh!) from the brilliant and talented mind of Q4nobody.

I doubt I’m alone when I say that I would 1000% buy this thing. Well, at least when my wife was out of the house, I would.

But to help convince the powers that be to make this sucker, here’s a few awesome extras they could toss in:

  • Bottle opener – Just slip that beer under Han’s nose and pop that cap right off.
  • Towel rack – Need a place for your dish rags? Let Han lend a hand! Or two.
  • Jar opener – Pickle jars can be stubborn. Stick the lid in Han’s palm and twist.
  • Voice activated – Simply say, “I love you” and Han replies with, “Ice know” and starts spitting out cubes.

I can’t even imagine how much a Han Solo Fridge would cost but if ThinkGeek can sell Tauntaun sleeping bags, someone can put out a Han Solo fridge and make a killing!

Would you buy (or let your spouse buy) a Han Solo fridge? 

41 thoughts on “I Need a Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite Refrigerator”

  1. OH my gosh that’s fantastic! I wanted to buy a Han in carbonite wall decal a few years back but that fridge certainly takes the cake!

  2. That’s too cool would need to add a real soft low wattage spot light that I can hit it with at night and maybe has different coloured filters to match the decor or my mood

  3. If I had unlimited discretionary income, I would put it in my gameroom (that I do not have at this time since my funds are limited). Otherwise, no…I would not get one.

    Love your ideas on how to enhance it. Perhaps you should enter the field of refrigerator design. 😉

  4. Why would this be so hard to make? All someone would have to do is put the characters on a vacuform machine and suck the shape into magnetic plastic sheets…one size-just stick it to the fridge and trim to fit with a razor around the edges.

    • I’m sure they already have that, Marz. What makes this so cool is the 3D nature of it. A vinyl sticker on a fridge would look cool, but a 3D version of frozen Han Solo sticking out of the fridge would scare the bejeezus out of anyone every morning! That’s what makes it so great. 🙂

  5. Too freaking funny…one day maybe they will have the person of your choice on there ,for a price of course,,id like to see Tom Selleck come thru my Frig..oh yeah baby,Id never leave the kitchen!

  6. Lol, this is so funny. I might let my husband have it in our garage or basement or something, but probably not in our actual kitchen. It would be a great talking point though!


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