Win an Angry Birds Star Wars Telepods Endor Chase Game (Ends 10/23)

Angry Birds Star Wars Telepods Endor Chase Set

Star Wars and Angry Birds. Two great tastes that taste great together!

Yeah, when the Angry Birds Star Wars app first came to a galaxy near, near home, I jumped all over it. And loved it to pieces. The merchandise, the characters, the game. It’s all fantastically awesome.  I even did a review of a few of Hasbro’s Angry Birds Star Wars games in the past. Tons of fun games these are!

Well, now they’ve got a new addition to the line called Telepods. These clever toys let you play Angry Birds Star Wars in two different ways! First up, you can play with the regular build-em-up-and-knock-em-down sets. See how long it takes for you to destroy the enemy! But the Telepods part is what’s really cool. Using any smart device with a front-facing camera (like an iPad, iPhone, Android, etc.), you can “teleport” your physical characters right into the app itself!

That means you can play the new Angry Birds Star Wars II app using your own characters. And just like regular Angry Birds, each character has a different power! Hasbro sent me their Endor Chase set along with a blister pack containing Princess Leia and R2-D2 to test out. I also just happened to attend a Hasbro Pre-NYCC event this week, where I scored a Jedi vs. Sith pack of telepods too! So we had a whole bunch of characters to play with!

Angry Birds Star Wars Telepods Jedi vs. Sith multipack
I don’t know who’s more adorable: Yoda or General Grievous?!
Grievous and Palpatine Star Wars Angry Birds
The Swines: General Grievous and Senator Palpatine! On an unrelated note… Jason clearly needs a haircut.
Darth Maul and Qui Gon Jin
Nothing is scarier than a pigged-out Darth Maul!
Yoda Angry Bird
Sorry. I just couldn’t resist an Angry Bird Yoda. He’s bite sized and looks so tasty!

After feasting on the figures themselves, we set up the Endor Chase scene! It comes with three speeder bikes, one of which actually moves when you pull back on it. Jason and I carefully set up the level (meaning Jason tried five times and kept knocking them down so I stepped in and got it lined up) and then prepared to destroy it!

Endor Chase Scene

 Jason had a bit of trouble even getting the bike on the ramp! Eventually he got the hang of it (kind of) as you’ll see in this high-octane video:

Oddly enough, Ryan tried it once. And on his very first try, not only hit the ramp head on, but knocked more than half the blocks down. Beginner’s luck.

Just like the other awesome Angry Birds Star Wars sets from Hasbro, this one is a blast. I actually like it better than the catapult-type ones because it’s just so much fun zipping that Speeder Bike up the ramp!

Angry Birds Star Wars II screenshot
On the top, you can teleport in new characters and choose whoever you want to use on any level!

But the insanely cool part is how easy and fun it is to teleport your characters into the game itself! Jason LOVED grasbbing the little telepod and placing it on my iPad to “suck” in the characters. He kept scanning new ones in and then playing new levels just to see what each character could do. He’s always loved the Angry Birds games, especially the first Star Wars one. But after yesterday, he said he REALLY LOVES this game.

We had so much fun popping in new characters and then choosing them for various levels. Yoda is a hoot as his special ability lets him bounce all over the place like a little caffeinated monkey. And General Grievous is pretty sick with his four spinning lightsabers!


Get ready to experience ANGRY BIRDS STAR WARS like never before! New ANGRY BIRDS STAR WARS TELEPODS from Hasbro lets kids play two ways: in the physical space, there’s classic stack-and-launch gameplay, featuring iconic ANGRY BIRDS STAR WARS vehicles and environments. Plus, every ANGRY BIRDS STAR WARS TELEPODS figure can be used with the included TELPODS base and a compatible smart device to “teleport” the character directly into the new ANGRY BIRDS STAR WARS II app from Rovio using the “Telepods” button built into the app. This marks the first time ANGRY BIRDS players get the chance to customize their line-up, and the first time they can play as the “Pork Side” and fling the pigs! The app is now available for download. (Please keep in mind that you must have an iOS or Android device with a front facing camera for this product.)

By now, you’d think the Angry Birds fad would’ve pretty much run its course. A cute game that outlasted its excitement. But far from it! Hasbro and Rovio continue to innovate and keep the Angry Birds Star Wars line super fresh! Heck, I can’t stand the Star Wars prequels at all, but playing as any of those characters in the app or with the game is just too much fun to ruin my Classic Star Wars pride!

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Win Angry Birds Star Wars Telepods Endor Chase
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  1. i think my son would love the angry birds star wars telepods endore chase playset. the darth vadar pig carrying case is pretty cool too.

  2. I love the Angry Birds Star Wars Jenga Tie Fighter Game but then I saw the Qui-Gon Jinn bird figure and really thought that was great too!

  3. I think my boys would like the Angry Birds Star Wars Telepods Jedi Vs. Sith Multi-Pack the best. But I know they would love any of them 🙂

  4. My son has a little Angry Birds Luke Skywalker that never leaves his hand! I guess you could say he would be our favorite:) My son saw this game in a store the other day and he completely froze in awe.


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